Neon Bikini

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Chapter 21

Kellin  POV

I felt like the luckest guy alive, she had said yes.  I couldn’t wait till our set was over to see her. Also I had to tell the guys.  I knew I had a  huge smile plastered on my  face when walking onto stage but that’s what she did to me.  Ever since I met her, I had a stupid smile on my face. She was all I ever thought about, and  im pretty sure everyone was sick of me talking about her.  This was going to be the best tour ever.

Our set had finished and  I thanked the crowd  as I walked off stage with the guys. 

We were all sweaty. But guys and I  were well rested and needed to jump around from being stuck on a tour bus. 

Everyone was waiting on the side stage.  Nikki stood there, her  cheeks were  a rosey pink and she had the  cutest smile on.  

“That was awesome.  Did I ever tell you I love your voice?”  she whispered to me as I pulled her into a hug , kissing her  on her forehead.

“I think you did mention it once” I replied acting a bit cocky.

She giggled.

Pierce the veil was up in a  few minutes but the guys and I needed some water , so we wished them good luck and  headed to our room. 

It felt so nice to drink ice cold water.

“So you girls ready for tonights  party?”  Jesse said in between  sips of his water.

“Yes, where are we going?”  Vicky asked.

“A friend of mine is hosting a  house  party, its not far from the venue.”

“I love house parties!!” Vicky squealed.  Making  Justin jump  and spit his water out from choking. 

We all laughed.  Ever since  Vicky came, they have been  inseparable. It was really cute.

“Guys I was to announce something.”  deciding now would be a good time to tell them.  Nikki was right beside me so I put my hand around her waist and pulled her close.

“Are you too finally together?” Justin asked 

Nikki and I both nodded with smiles on our lips

“Yes, and Kellin the ring is sooo cute. I think that’s the cutest idea ever!. Right  Justin?”  Vicky squealed then looked over at Justin who gave an innocent face be you could tell he was  slightly blushing.

The rest of the  guys congratulated us and we joked around for a bit until someone came down to inform Nikki she was up soon.

The guys and I looked at each other with mysterious grins.

“Girls, you wouldn’t happen to have a bikini by any chance?”  Gabe asked the  girls  in a sly  tone.  They both looked at each other confused  but then burst out laughing.


We began to play Hold on till May , when I noticed Nikki wasn’t at side stage.  I began to feel anxious. I mean she wouldn’t bail on the song?  She didn’t even seem nervous when Sleeping with sirens was  playing. But I guess he makes her  feel that way, fearless.  All I did was  hold her hair back and hand her water.   I swallowed down this uncomfortable  feeling and  prayed she didn’t  run.

If I were you, I'd put that away.

See, you're just wasted and thinkin' 'bout the past again.

Darlin' you'll be okay.

And she said,

Looking over to side stage my  heart was pounding in my ears, it  drowned out the crowd screaming and I felt a  bit of anger. Where was she….

Just then  Justin came  out with a  long red wing and a neon yellow bikini with apple  stuffed in the top.

"If you were me, you'd do the same.

'Cause I can't take anymore.

I'll draw the shades and close the door.

Everything's not alright, and I would rather..."

Nikki still sang  While Justin hopped around stage  lip syncing .  Everyone was  dying of laughter.  Poor Mike was laughing so hard he slightly  went off beat. 

We all regained ourselves and finished.  

Justin came around and hugged us all before throwing his apples to the crowd and running off stage.

“Ladies and gentle man  give  it  up with Justin!  Good prank guys!”  I yelled in the mic, still laughing.

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