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It cant end like this

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Vicky pov

I took a deep breath before walking back in that house. I knew I was going to enter wild water kingdom with the water works that would be flowing from Nikki's eyes. It was hard enough to see her this way again but I didn't expect myself to feel just as bad for Kellin too. I had sent him away to think about it. There was no way he would of made the right decision in his state or just on the spot. I prayed he would stay, I mean the kid loves her. Its not hard to see it. God this girl is so blind sometimes. She let him in a long time ago, I don't know why she has to still pretend that there's this wall she has up. Kellin is her knight in shining armor that broke it down the minute he walked into her life.

As for me, im the evil queen. Or so I feel. I had my own stuff to sort out but I obviously couldn't do it now. I had to be there for Nikki.

"Nik? "I called when I entered. Lucky enough Josie was at work till later today. She had let us stay over and watch Trevor.

"Im here" I hear her weak voice call. I followed it to the backyard. 

Nikki was lying in the hammock obviously crying while holding a box of tissues and Trevor's plush spider man. 

"Aww babe" I said and slipped on beside her.

"I know, im pathetic huh?" she tried to laugh at herself but tears were taking over

"Just a little." I teased trying to make her laugh.

"I mean you are in a hammock in someones backyard with a box of tissues and your spider man"

"Hey I like spider man. Whats wrong with spider man?"

"Hes a man in tights that shoots wed from his wrists. I mean what isn't wrong with that?"

She laughed.

"I happen to find it attractive. Theres som thing about men in tights. Like Peter pan, Robin.. spider man."

I died laughing almost falling out of the hammock.

"that explains your love for guys in tight pants too. But the web thing? You don't even like spiders."

"it's the tights"

"But can you imagine sex? I mean you get him turned on enough, that web is just shooting everywhere"

"Oh god!! ..I .. I cant..breath..vicky , why!!" We were dying of laughter. It was great to see her laugh. Lately it took a lot for her to even show a genuine smile.

We calmed down and just stared up at the clouds while the hammock swung us. The only sound was the birds chirping and the odd sniffle Nikki would let out.

"He left?" her voice barley audible.

"I sent him home. He has a lot to think about."

"You think he'll.." she didn't finish. afraid of the possible answer. I knew it was a 50 /50 chance here and I really didn't know what to tell her. 

"I dont know babe." she nodded and we went back to looking up at the sky.

Just then my phone vibrated in my pocket so I took it out to check it. My heart dropped when I saw the name come across the screen. Nikki leaned over to read it too

Justin : we need to talk

We both looked at each other. I didn't know what to do. 

"You have to talk to him "

"What do I even say? That I was covering for you and that nothing happened between mike and i?"

She looked at me for a good 5 seconding reading exactly what was written all over my face.

"What happened?" 

I knew I couldn't keep it from her. She was my best friend and I knew eventually it would come out.

"Well that night in vegas. When you came running over to mike and i...we , um. We kissed. I mean it felt right at the moment, I had forgotten what it was like to kiss him. Then when we hung out that day to cover for you it felt like old times, I had missed him and being able to have a conversation with him. But "  I stopped I really hadn't thought about it. I mean I had mike, he was my past my first love and Justin who I loved and I knew I loved him. He was nothing but a big sweetheart to me and Something just clocked with him.

"But?.. "

"But I'm in love with Justin" it just came out of my mouth, I barley had to think about it. Even though I loved Mike and forever will, it was time to move on and the past was the past.

Nikki smiled wide

" you two are so great together. I think you should go talk it out."

"But what about you?"

"I'm fine, I'll be here till your done"

I nodded and gave my best friend a big hugs

"Love you "

I had gotten out of the taxi an ran towards the tour buses that were stationed by the venue. Not caring that I was in heels boots as my bag was jumping around hitting  my thigh as I ran. It was pretty late and getting harder to see . I just wanted to talk to Justin. 

I made it too the bus and swim open the door.

"JUSTIN!" I called as I ran in. .., to an empty bus?

I stood there panting trying to catch my breath and figure out what to do. No one was here. 

Then it hit me. They were playing tonight

I turned and ran off the bus and towards the venue

"Excuse me miss, can I see a VIP pass?" This large buff see curing guard asked as he stood there with his arms crossed blocking me from my mission. 

I fiddled with my bag and everything inside 

"I know I .. Have it .. Some... Here it is! See I can go in!" I yelled with joy. He kind of just glanced at it and let me in. Most likely scared of me.

Okay now to find my boyfriend.

I ran through the halls, trying to remember the way around the back area. Most venues were the same layout and I had helped Nikki tons of ones before with loading and such.

Finally I found my way to the stage area. Following the sound of the crowd and the weird drying bird like noises that came from Vic with he was warming up his vocals.

I came dead stop when I came face to face with Jaime , Toby , Vic and Mike.

"Hey pretty lady what brings you here?" Jaime said. They all just looked at me surprised .

" Vicky why are you put of breath?" mike asked 

"And sweating?" Tony added

Wow nothing gets past these guys.

"I..I " I tried to speak but I was really out of breath. 

Note to self , start doing more cardio.

"Is it Nikki? Is she okay ? Is everything okay?" Vic started to panic he came over and places his names on my shoulders. I kept shaking my head to say no but he just went on.

"No . No ..u Vic she's fine she's with Trevor she's okay. I just, where's sleeping with sirens?" 

Vic looked relieved. All four of them looked over to the stage.

"Their on."

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