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Give you one last chance

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Danny pov.

She was gorgeous, even more then I remembered. Seeing Nikki the other  night in Vegs  brought back memories and  feelings that I had suppressed all these years. I knew  I had done wrong and lived with it,  drowing my pain instead of fighting for her. I could of, I should of.  But  I myself was trying to fight to survive.  The moment  I saw her I knew id never get her back,  she had found better and there was no way I would let myself destroy her again. 

All I wanted was to be part  of her life and the child we made together. As long as  I tried I felt like I was  getting better,  that maybe she wouldn’t hate me.  I never wanted our son to grow up without a father. I needed to give him a life I always wanted and knew she tried her best as well.

Asking her to come out today to talk was more nerve racking then my first performance. She had always  made violent  butterflies swarm in my stomach like a hurricane. I was truly lost for words. Luckly  she had spoken.

My heart fluttered when she told me I could see him, but then she  brought up my undoings. Something I couldn’t even exsplain to myself why I did what I did. kicked her to the curb.

I watched as her eyes filled with tears just like they did the last time I saw her,  I could see her heart breaking once again as  the liquid spiled over and down her cheeks. She was gone just like that.

“Danny, you fool” I cursed myself. I had to man the hell up.

"Nikki wait!”  I called as  I ran after her,  I knew she wasn’t going to the bathroom. I saw the front door of the resturant  swing close.

Chasing after her  I ran out front and  caught her back  jogging across the street. I followed  gaining speed.

“Please stop! Stop!”  she wouldn’t slow down. I had to catch her.

“Nik please”  grabbing ahold of her elbow and spinning her around only to catch her and hold her close to my chest.

“Im sorry, im so sorry. If I could tell you how much I hated myself. The  years of regret.  I was fighting my own demons Nik, I couldn’t  help you while I was loosing my  own battles”  I told her  while I stroked her hair as she sobbed into my chest. 

“I want to be a batter man, please let me try”

I wasn’t sure if that was a nod or her shaking but she pushed herself away  to look up at me. Her  eyes  red and puffy  making her  hazel orbs turn a  tint of green.

“You have one chance danny. Just one”

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