Fast times at Clairemont high

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chapter 23

It had been maybe 2 hours into this house party and everyone had split up.  Vicky and  Justin were  probably  somewhere  sucking each others faces.   Gabe was chatting up some girl ,  Mike  was on the other side of the couch  chatting up another.  Or  was it Gabe's girl's twin ?   At this point  I couldn’t even tell.   I lost  count  of how  much I drank about half an hour ago.  

I even gave up  trying to pin point where everyone was.  Jaime was with me,  he was my drinking partner. All through our friendship, he was the one who was always down to go drink with me.

“Another  drink My lady?”  Jaime broke my train of thought.

“Naw, I think im going to wait a  bit, wanna dance?”  I knew I had to find a way to sober off a bit. Dancing was  always a great way to burn off the alcohol.

“Yeah sure, as long as the  boyfriend doesn't mind?”   that’s right , Kellin was on the other side of me.  Ever since  I got back to his room, my mind was everywhere. 

“I don’t mind, I  have to  use the  litle boys room anyways.” he laughed then leaned down to kiss my cheek before he left.

Jaime and I went to the living room , where the music was blasting.  The  bass shook the walls and the bodies  danced to the rhythm.  I couldn’t help but laugh when Jaime started dancing, he always had the strangest moves.

“Hey, wheres Vic?”  he yelled over the  music , i shook my head.

“I don’t know, hes been acting weird since…He hasn’t spoken to me all night”

“Did  he see your boobs?”   Jaime asked so calmly. As  if  he was asking about the weather.

“What!?”  I choked  “NO!” 

I could feel myself turn red.  Vic was  not  falling for me because  he saw me in my  Victoria secret lingerie. 

“Okay, if you say so” He sais  rolling his eyes.

Grabbing Jaime's hand I dragged him outside.

“Okay, listen,  Vicky and I bought stuff from Victoria secret, im sure you know all about it. Vic just happened to walk in when  I had mine one. Every since then hes been acting weird.”

pulling out a cig, lighting it and taking  a long drag, it was nice to  feel fresh air. 

“Well I mean  if I saw you half  naked, id fantasize too.”  he laughed.  Not even caring that this was a big deal to me.

“ Oh my god!! Just no!”  I hit  Jaime in the back of the head

“Oh com'on  you two have been best friends since ever, you cant tell me that there wasn’t one time where you had a crush on him”

***** Flash back****

It was the summer before our senior in high school. Vic and the guys had started their band and would preform at local shows but slowly they were making it to bigger venues. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the 4th of July  weekend and Vicky had invited us to a  huge beach party. knowing the guys were  going to leave for a tour soon.

“So do  you think Vic and you are going to kiss tonight?” Vicky asked as she applied  eye liner  to both her eyes. 

She had this crazy idea that he had a crush on me. For  weeks I had denied everything but now I was starting to believe it myself. since we was leaving soon and i wouldn't see him for awhile.  Maybe he was going to confess something to me.

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