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Chapter 19


I stood outside the door leaning against the wall trying to shake the image of  Nikk outi. In all the years we've been friends, ive never seen her or thought about her like that. I knew she was beautiful but her, body.  Ugh! I have to stop! shes my best friend. Kellin is my best friend.  Fuck,  he is one  lucky guy.

“What took so long?” mike sat at his drum kid bounching his leg up and down impatiently.

“ugh, sorry” as all I could blurt out.

“You okay, broski? You  looked really dazed.  Did you smoke my kush?”

“No, I just kind of walked in on the girls”  shit, I didn’t mean to say that, all the boys made  hollering noises.

“Was it  hot? Like making out and stuff?”  Jaime asked. With a huge grin on his face.  Mike didn’t  look to impressed.

“No, they  bought lingerie. I  just  kind of came in at the wrong time.” feeling a  bit uncomfortable telling the guys what was replaying in my mind.

“What!  I should've had gone to get  mikes sticks” 

“Honestly, Jaime shut up!” Mikes face was red now. I knew he hated the thought of other guys talking about Victoria. I hated to see what would happen tonight at the party when he sees her with Justin. Jaime  just looked at him and shook his head.

“Can we please just practice now?”  I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to be distracted and for Jaimes sake, Mike needed something to bang on.

After sound walked back stage  ready to go to out  change room.  Kellin was sitting with Gabe on one of the speaks. He got up and started to walk towards me with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Hey  Vic my man.  Can I talk to you for a minute?”   

“Yeah sure, whats up?”  swollowing the  knot in my stomach. what could he want?

“Well first of all, thanks for  kidnapping my girl and tying me to a chair, then  knocking me out” 

I coldnt help but laugh.

“Sorry man, that wasn’t suppose to happen.” it really wasnt but i was happy we did.  wait, what am i saying?

“I applaud you guys, it was a good prank.  But I have to ask you something. Do you think Nikki will like this?”

He pulled out this tiny box and  opened it.  Inside where two rings.  Both of them had one side of a heart on it, when placed together it was whole.  My mind flashed back to Nikki inside the room and I felt a stab in my chest. 

“Its too much isn’t it?”   he had panic in his voice. Swollowing down this feeling I was having I gave him a smile the best I could.

“No dude, its perfect. She'll love it.”

“Really?! That’s awesome! Ive been stressing over something to get her to show that im committed. I really want her to trust me”

“Its perfect”   

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