Vic Fuentes' Daughter (Editing) by Bandtella
Vic Fuentes' Daughter (Editing)by Bandtella
CURRENTLY EDITING Meet Haley Rogers, a girl who has moved in and out of homes, there she has yet to find a decent pair of 'parents'. But every since her mother left her...
  • cara
  • betrayal
  • adventures
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Champagne, Flowers And Chocolate - Kellic - Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Champagne, Flowers And Chocolate...by Em
Kellin, a hypersexual 18 year old meets the man of his dreams. The only problem being, it's his 26 year old widower therapist. How long will Vic keep up his professiona...
  • vicfuentes
  • mikefuentes
  • therapy
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The Stray || Kellic ✔ by kelliclashton
The Stray || Kellic ✔by meow
In which the schools outcast and the schools class president get paired up for a project
  • kellinquinn
  • vicfuentes
  • kellin
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Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferences by xomissjen
Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferen...by Jen
Request an imagine for Vic, Mike, Jaime, Tony, Danielle, Alysha, Jess or Erin. **Requests are CLOSED**
  • mike
  • alysha
  • preferences
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Vic Fuentes' Babygirl by bootswitdafur
Vic Fuentes' Babygirlby bootswitdafur
Story includes sensitive subjects bad language Ages in this story are changed to fit the plot! Vic is 24, Mike is 23, and Tony and Jaime are 22. --------- Seven month ol...
  • fuenciado
  • sleepingwithsirens
  • fanfiction
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Always Been You (Vic Fuentes) ✔️ by LexusRat
Always Been You (Vic Fuentes) ✔️by Mouse
As Vic Fuentes and his band Pierce The Veil climbed the ladder to stardom, a valued friendship was torn to shreds. Feelings that were hidden were now coming through the...
  • vic
  • drama
  • fuentes
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I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes Daughter Story) by NeverGiveIn2598
I'm Your Father... (A Vic Fuentes...by NeverGiveIn2598
**Currently Editing** 14 years ago, Vic Fuentes thought he wasn't quick enough to stop the "love of his life" from aborting his child, so for fourteen years...
  • vicfuentes
  • completed
  • tonyperry
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Bite Me || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
Bite Me || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Word count: 62 k The story of the teenage boy who fell in love with a vampire. Finding your soulmate can be hard, and it doesn't always help when you're a vampire and y...
  • vic
  • fuentes
  • ptv
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Dirty Little Secret || Kellic ✔️ by 0Kellic0
Dirty Little Secret || Kellic ✔️by 🍃
Vic Fuentes, rich boy, popular, and had everything he could ever ask for. Except for one thing. He didn't know what he was missing till he met his dirty little secret. ...
  • kellicquentes
  • quinn
  • fuentes
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Daddy's Princess by hahahlovethis
Daddy's Princessby ~Mel~
"Daddy" "What is it princess" "My name Kelli I tree"
  • vic
  • quinn
  • little
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Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Sequel to Class Dismissed) ✔️ by LexusRat
Two's a Handful (Vic Fuentes - Seq...by Mouse
This is the promised sequel for Class Dismissed so if you haven't read that, go do that first. Chelsea could not have been happier with how her life had turned out... S...
  • vic
  • fuentes
  • quinn
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Blue Eyes in a Sea of Brown (Kellic) by Driftwood_Heart
Blue Eyes in a Sea of Brown (Kelli...by Ginger Princess 👑
Kellin get paired with Vic to do a science project. As he prepares to do all the work his self he gets a real surprise when things turn out different then he expected.
  • highschool
  • piercetheveil
  • fuentes
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Vic Fuentes's daughter  by ninjapanda182
Vic Fuentes's daughter by Ninja panda 182
15 year old Rowen liggen was put up for adoption just a year after she was born. She was adopted by a family that kept her until she was nine and since then she has been...
  • bandmembers
  • fanfiction
  • piercetheveil
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Your Brother is Hot! (BoyxBoy) by achu13
Your Brother is Hot! (BoyxBoy)by achu13
Nick Patterson has been infatuated with Dawn Miller since second grade. He always wanted to make his move on Dawn but two things were standing in his way. The fact that...
  • boyxboy
  • mxm
  • bxb
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Babysitting {Kellic} by Bloody_Revenge
Babysitting {Kellic}by Poison
Kellin Bostwick and Vic Fuentes; two popular boys and enemies. Kellin's parents travel much because of their jobs but they don't want to leave him alone at home with his...
  • ptv
  • qiunn
  • piercetheveil
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Suicide ↠ Kellic by treepowers
Suicide ↠ Kellicby treepowers
"I used to hate my life, hate myself, hate everything around me until I met this one boy who changed my life." |completed July 10th 2016|
  • wattys2018
  • vicfuenteskellinquinn
  • fuentes
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Hotels are Cheap and There's One Down the Street (TAMIS Sequel) Kellic - Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Hotels are Cheap and There's One D...by Em
Sequel to Technically a Marriage Is Saved. If you haven't read that yet, go check it out before reading this. What will happen when Vic can't let things go and digs up t...
  • kellicquentes
  • self-harm
  • completed
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These secrets will kill us Oliver Sykes by never_regret
These secrets will kill us Oliver...by never_regret
Veronica, a young woman who is officially off the rails, with her life consisting of extreme partying, drugs, sex and any other petty crime. When Oliver unexpectedly see...
  • perry
  • sykes
  • bands
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Designated Guardian •Kellic (On Hold) by TangledInKells
Designated Guardian •Kellic (On Ho...by TangledInKells
A year after the murder of Kellin's father, his mother decides that she can't go on with her life. Leaving Kellin helpless after she commits suicide, Kellin is told he h...
  • gay
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
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Vic's daughter  by Teenwolfmk55
Vic's daughter by Teenwolfmk55
Tru is a 13 yr old girl, she's a very long way from being okay. Tru's mother hates her, her step father who she thinks is her father hates her. She doesn't know anythin...
  • vicsdaughter
  • jaimepreciado
  • daughter
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