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Guys with high voices

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chapter 27

Vicky Pov

It was about  10 minutes before Sleeping with Sirens went on stage.  Nikki and  I were  back stage sitting in a room with the  guys as they warmed up.  Kellin was exercising his vocal cords and singing ridiculous songs with such range in octaves.  I was trying not to laugh.   We were also drinking.

Justin stood in front of me  fingering chords on the bass. while I sat on the arm of the couch  sticking my tong out at him every now and then.

Nikki had  run off with Jaime a few minutes ago. I was  getting suspicious something was going on that I should be aware of.  I could tell because I had caught them in the tour bus snickering about something.   Oh well , she'll tell me.

“You  guys are on in 3”  the  venue manager  said popping hishead in the  room.

The guys moved over to the stairs and waited.  They were anxious.  Not  one of them could stand still. It was like this at ever show. Like watching a  bunch of  energizer bunnies.

“Wheres, Nikki?”  Kellin asked me.  I just shrugged.

“Here I am!!”  Nikki came running over and  jumping into kellins arms. They were so cute together. He looked at her like she was a queen. He treated her  like one too.  Which was good or I would  of  kicked his ass.  

“Babe, am I getting a  good luck kiss?” Justin pulled me in closer making my  eyes peel away from the  couple.  I smiked.  He was truly gorgeous.  I had never dated a  guy that treated me  good since  Mike.  Actually I barely  dated, I couldn’t. Mike broke me. We may of faught a lot but there something about him that pulled me in.  I was in love and  so was  he, I think it was just too much we were afraid to loose the other.  The night I caught  him cheating, was the night I had my  heart shattered into a million pieces. Pieces I still hadn’t all found yet. As much as I convinced  Nikki and everyone else I was  over with him and didn’t care, I still cared. It still hurt.  But I had Justin. Mike was my past. I wish we could just be friends.

“Babe? I have to go”   I hadn’t  noticed I was staring at  Justin the whole time. He was  looking at me as  if to say , are you alright.  I grinned  pulled him in for a  long  kiss.  

He  pulled away  giving me a wink then  turning to run up to the stage.

“soooo are you going to tell me whats up?”  turning my attention to  Nikki.  Who stood  at the end of the stairs  looking up as the  guys left. She turned to me giving me an evil grin.

I didn’t like the look of this.

The guys from pierce the veil now stood with us  on side stage , waiting  impatiently. 

Nikki held a walkie talkie and  every now and then spoke into it. I could barley hear anything with all the  screaming fans.

 Kellin had finished a song and was taking a mini water break as the others kept the  music going. 

Returning to the mic  Kellin continured to talk to the  crowd, as he introduced the  next song. Fire

Nikki looked up at all of us and  just  smiled.

It was show time …



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