Blame it on the ...Victoria Secret

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Nikki  pov.

Justin came running back  hiding his crotch, we were all dying  of laughter. 

“Oh Hun , you look so hot in my  bikini” Vicky laughed and gaving him a quick peck.

“I think we should dip and get ready before they come off stage and  kill us”  I really couldn’t breath but I knew  after this, it meant war.

Everyone agreed and  went back to the hotel to shower.  All Vicky and I had to do was  change.  Well She did, I was fine with what I had. Just retouched my make up.

Vic and them came in the room  hollering and making  noise.

“Would you guys calm it  down! I cant  hear this song!”  Vicky yelled in a bitchy tone, as soon as she spotted  Mike.  The guys kind of stopped for a moment, but then continued to fool around.

“Aw Vicky, no body wants to  hear Taylor Swift  right now.” Jaime said  pinching her  cheeks. 

I just  sat on the bed watching Vicky's  face  turn redder and redder, she  hated when people did that , and Jaime knew it too.

Mike still stood behind everyone. I felt sorry for him. He still hurt every time he saw her. Id feel the same way if I saw Danny.

Vic still hadn’t  looked at me, but he was the first one to gather his things and go to the bathroom.

I got up and went to Mike. “ here's Kellins extra key, you can use their shower if you want.”  he took it without saying anything, only giving me a tiny smile. 

“Jaime I swear to god if you don’t stop that, this  heel is going up your butt!”  

“But its so cute, your like a  little kid and your cheeks get all red”  Jaime  pulled the last straw, he pinched  her  cheeks again and now they where  running around the room.

Tony just stood there laughing until Vic came out  with a towel around his waist.

Maybe I should say something?

“How did I  look in that  bikini?”  I said standing behind  Vic and making him slightly  jump. I watched the muscles in his back tense up before he straightened up from looking in the drawer.

“Vic? Are you okay?”  I went to touch his arm.

He turned around to face me. He was blushing slightly. Odd.

“Im fine, and yea you looked good” his words where a bit shaky and  he kept  rubbing the back of his neck.

This wasn’t a good sign.

I was about to open my mouth when a knock came from the door.  Vic quickly  moved from in front of me to answer the door. 

“Hey are you guys ready?” it was Gabe.  Vic stepped aside to let him look in.

“No not really”  he pointed  over his shoulder to Vicky  wrestling on  top of Jaime.  Gabe laughed to himself.

“Well  come knock at our door when  you are, we have  drinks going around.”

 with that he left. 

I watched as Vic walked back over to the  dresser, taking my bag from Victoria secret and handing it to me.  He didn’t  once look me in the eye.

“You should take this for later.”   I slowly took it  looking down.  I could feel tears start to rise.  Now it was my time to avoid eye contact. 

“Vicky ill be in the other room.”  with that I walked out.

What was wrong with him? Hes been acting all moody since Vicky and  I came back. It couldn’t be because Vicky was here, we were all friends.  Was it to do with the prank the guys played?  Did I do something wrong, or said something? He started acting strange way before I told him  I was dating  Kellin , he even talked me into it. So  Jealousy couldn’t be the problem.  

Just then it hit me, I looked down to my hand.   Goddamn it. 

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