Big Time Winning

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Okay so i feel a  bit better, or  it  could just be from the meds im taking to get  over this  damn flu but i decided to write a bit.  i hope this makes sense lol im  kind of out of it.

Chapter 30

Kellin Pov.

“Justin, I think your done.”

“No, just one more time.  Im feeling lucky” Justin  sat in front  of a slot machine,  staring hard at it. 

“You said that the last  20 times and every time you loose”

“No, kellin this  time I can feel it. Trust me”  he sat up straight, taking a deep breath letting it shoot out as he rubbed his hands together before pulling the  lever.

The dialled  rolled, we  both held out  breath as  the dials slowed to a stop.  We did this every time, knowing the chances were slim but  we were drunk and it was intense.

The dials stopped. 


Justin jumped up yelling and  doing a victory dance. 



“ Justin”



 He stopped  

“Yes Kellin?”  looking at me with a  completly  straight  face.

“Dude you won 10 bucks?”  looking at my  friend  like he  had completely lost his mind.  By passers came  up to see  what the  yelling was about but  rolled their eyes when they noticed he didn’t hit a  jackpot.

“I know,  BUT!  I still  won”  he  smiled.

“What are you going to do with 10 bucks?”

“Buy myself a  drink”  

We both burst out laughing,  putting out  arms around each other's shoulders and walked off to the  bar.

“Hey,  Vic”

“GUYS!”   Vic shot his head  up from the  bar table as we arrived.

“ouu my head”  he  put his head in his hands.

“Vic, buddy how much did  you drink?”

He  groaned slowly putting his head back down. I felt bad  for the guy.  He most likely  lost and decided to just drink.  

Just then  Jaime and Tony  came  walking up.

“Hello gentlemen.”  Jaime nodded acting all proper.

We all followed suit and stuck out noses up as if we were  billionaires.

“How are you this fine  evening?” 

“quiet well,  Justin here has  won 10 dollars and plans to spent it sparingly” using my best  gentleman like voice.

“ahh, yes. That sounds  splendid. What ever  do you plan to buy with that generous amont?”

“Maybe a  beer”  Justin said it so causal we all just laughed.

“you guys sound  like  retards” Vic  slurred. Making us laugh even harder.

“How much  did you guys win?”  turning  back to Tony and Jaime.

“400”  tony  said  flashing the wad of  cash.

 We all decided to drink a  bit and  take  goofy pictures while vic was  pasted  out on the bar.

“Hey,Kel. Wheres our girlfriends?”

"Good question"

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