Young kids never listen

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Kellin pov

It wasn't long before I decided to quit trying to sleep and start my day. 

I didn't know what time we got back to the bus at, I barley remember how. I don't even know what time it was but it was quite so most likely early. 

What I did know was, my head was pounding and my heart hurt. 

The hang over only brought on more pain.

I walked out of the bus, deciding a walk would be a good idea. Though when the morning sun hit my eyes and I felt the stinging sensation I immediately regretted it. But I moved on. A bit light headed and feeling slightly drunk I walked over to the van that was being unloaded by the stage crew. The memory of Nikki popped in my head, the first time I saw her. When I would go out of my way just to come help her, because I wanted an excuse to spend all my time with her.

I hadn't realized I was just standing there staring until a familiar man stood next to me. 

"She's hard to love" he spoke  softly

"It's as if she can't love" Kevin, I remembered his name. Glanced over at me but his eyes moved back to the direction I was staring off to. 

'I told her not to do it, not to hurt you. She doesn't mean to" 

"You knew she would ?" 

"She's like my daughter. Boys fall for her but she doesn't want them.This happens every tour. But you were different" 

"Well how can you get someone to love you when they can love?"  

"She loves, she's the most loving person I know if she lets it show. There's was only one love in her life"

"Yeah and he found her in vegas' I scowled 

Kevin let out a sigh shaking his head. 

"You young kids never listen" he mumbled  

I turned to face him, showing him that I was listening but I just wasn't believing him. 

"I said there was , was. Kellin, I don't know you personally but I like you kid. She does too, a lot. Or you would of been history awhile ago, she wouldn't be running away and you both wouldn't be hurting yourselves. She has a past, not a good one. There's a reason behind for her not letting people into her life, there's a reason for her to push you away. Don't jump to conclusions without the whole story."

He gave me a stern look. I never personally knew Kevin other then he owned this business and Nikki was someone he cared for a lot. I liked him, I could see him being a father figure to her. And he was right , I was jumping to conclusions, but how can I not ? When she wasn't responding to me. She disappeared and now Im getting the hint she hiding someone big. She knew I would accept her, I love her so much. Nothing could tore me away.

"Do you know where she is?" 

Kevin stared into my eyes I could see he was debating rather to give me this information or not.  

"I know where she is"

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