Vegas pool party

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Chapter 32 

Vicky  Pov.

“Nikki  Snap the  fuck out of it!”  I  hit her  across the face again.  The poor kid was in such shock she kept zoning out and  I was too drunk to wait till she came out of it herself. I needed to know what happened.

“I kissed him” 

Another  wave  of surprise  hit Mike and  I. 

How the hell did she mange to kiss him?

“I.. this  guy tired picking  me up.. I didn’t know…. what to.. do so I grabbed  whoever and  kissed them…, Danny.. Danny was that guy.”    she was trying to  talk between her sobs.

“Breath, just breath for a bit” I said rubbing her  back.  She cried  in her  hands and I looked to Mike over her back, he just shook his head.

“Guys Kellin cant  know” she spoke in between her fingers, making both of us look down at her. 

“He  mentioned  Trevor too.  Why did he have to be here?”   finally the  water works were done and she  lifted her head. 

“Everything  hurts again” 

“Do you want me to take  you back to our bus?  Tell Kellin that you were too drunk. Im sure  Vic is good to head back now”  This is why I liked Mike, he always had a good idea. 

“ Yeah that’s a great idea, ill go get vic”  I said standing up.

“VICKY BABY,  OHHH I NEED YOU SOOO”  Justin came  dancing over singing on the top of his lungs.  At  any given time  I would  of  burst out laughing and  joined him but Kellin Jaime and  tony where not far behind.  I  quickly looked to Mike  then to Nikki both standing up fast, then back to Mike.

“Vicky!  Where have  you been baby girl, ive been looking all over for you?. I won 10 dollars!” he beamed.  The smile on his face and the slur  in his words told me he was drunk. They all where.

“oh babe , that’s awesome.! Ive  been out here.”

He  kissed me and gave me a  giant hug.  I felt really odd for some reason. I could feel mike staring at my back.

“Nikki!”  Kellin screamed and running over but tripped mid way, causing  Jaime and  Tony to fall down laughing.

“Quick Mike, hes going to see that I was crying”  I heard her whisper  behind me. 

Justin was laughing to much to hear.  

I looked back just in time to  see  Mike push  her in the  pool


“MIKE YOU SHIT!”   everyone stopped and looked at  her. 



Yes all four of them jumped into the pool making water splash everywhere.

“guys! My  dress”  uncovering my face from being hit with water.

“Oh common Babe. Its so nice in here”  Justin called.As he float around on his back.

“Yeah! Loosen up there sweet cheeks”  Jaime called making  Justin laugh.

“sweet cheeks, that’s a good one”

I shook my  head at  their  childness. 

Two hands came around my  waist and sudden panic rose  in my chest. 

“Mike!! No  Mike put me down.. You wouldn’t dare, MMIIKKKEE!”

I could  feel the vibrations on my back of him laughing as  he  picked me up and ran over to the pool , tossing me  in.  

I hit the water and sank  down.  My beautiful dress.

Hitting the surface  I took a  breath of air, wiping the water  from my eyes. 

Justin smiled and  pulled me in for  a kiss.

“See its nice in here” 

I  pulled away and splashed his face letting myself laugh.

Mike had jumped in after tossing me in and we all splashed around.  Until the security came and kicked us out.

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