Why do girls have small bladders?! D:

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Chapter 24 

Later on we all managed to  find each other,  I felt a lot better and was walking back to the hotel hand in hand with  Kellin , Vic was joking around with Jaime and everyone else was partnered off.  I really had no idea how everyone was  going to fit in two rooms.

“So I guess we wont get any alone time tonight?” Kellin whispered in my ear making me giggle a bit from his warm breath.

“Sadly no. I don’t think we'll even get to sleep with those two.”  directing his attention toVicky and  Justin  who were stumbling after one another trying to walk down the side walk.  Luckily we were close now to the hotel, cause I had to pee.

Kellin laughed giving my  hand a  little squueze.

Finally reaching the room,  prying my hand out of Kellins I ran to the bathroom.

"OH MY GOD I HAVE TO  PISS LIKE A WHALE! MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!!"  i yelled at the top of my lungs as i stumbled to the bathroom. My head was spinning as I sat down to  do my business.  But soon enough I felt instant happiness. 

A  knock came at the door.

“Hurry up in there, I have to go too!”  Gabe  called from the other side.

“Dude, go use yours” I head Vic say to Gabe.  

I was glad he did, cause I was  planning to sit here until my head stopped from spinning. 

Kellin  Pov.

Nikki had ran to the bathroom the moment we walked in. I laughed to my self.  Girls have such small bladders.

“hurry up in there, I have to go too”   . apparently  so did  Gabe.

Vic told him to go use their bathroom. 

So it was  Vicky, Justin  Vic Nikki and  I in a  room.  Everyone else  decided to chill in the  PTV room. Seeing as though we  hit the road early tomorrow and everyone would just sleep then.

Vicky  had passed out and  Justin was sitting watching Tv

“Im so glad  I don’t have to listen to you guys tonight”  laying down on my bed waiting for  Nikki.

“Shut up, you know it turns you on, bro"

“Yes, I picture it in my  mind every time I do the deed” i joked 

“Im glad I could be of service to you.  I guess im stuck listening to you two?”   Justin smirked.   I knew I wasn’t going to be getting anything tonight. 

So I just  shook my head.

“I think shes a bit too drunk”   Vic said, making  us  both look over.  He was standing by the bathroom door with a concerned look on his face. I hadn’t noticed that she had been in there for  10 minutes.

“Did she  pass  out” I asked.  Vic  just shrugged and  knocking on the door.

“Nikki? You okay ?”   we all listened in silence.


“Nikki?”  Vic  knocked again.

“Dude, go in there”  Justin  said to me.

I knew  I should, but at the same time I knew that  she would  probably  flip out if I walked in. he did realize  that she was private about that stuff.

“I cant shed flip. Vic you go.”

 Vic  looked awkward.

“No, I cant either.”

“Why not?!” you’re her best friend” 

I felt a  bit  of jealousy when  Justin said that.  I knew they were  friends for a  long time, but  I wanted to be that close to her.

“I just cant.”   I couldn’t understand why Vic looked very  uncomfortable about the  idea. Im pretty sure they’ve walked in on each other or helped the other one while  drunk.  Did something happen at the party  that i didnt  know about?

“Well what are we  going to do?.” 

The three of us arguing about who was going to walk in  must  of woken Vicky up because all of a sudden she  sat up from the bed and  walked over to the  bathroom door.

“Ugh ! you boys are  to stupid!” she huffed and  closed the door. 

We all looked at each other. 

 Not even a minute  later  Vicky  came out holding up Nikki. 

“Can someone help me”

 Vic  being the  closes, picked her up and brought her over to the bed. 

“She was passed out on the floor.   Now if you excuse me I would  like to sleep”

Vicky  went back to sleep followed by  Justin  snuggling up beside her.

“Ill go in the other  room. See you tomorrow  Kell.”  Vic walked over to leave.

“You can sleep here if you want, I mean you  probably wont be able to over there.” i felt  bad for my  friend, Vic looked really tired.  Plus Its something  Nikki would of done. 

“Are you sure?” his  face  lite up.

“Yeah, its not gay if she stays in the bed”  we both laughed.

“Thanks, dude”

We  both laid down on either side of  Nikki who was passed out.  I had to admit it was kind of awkward and  I was hesitant to pull her  close to me because  he was there.  being my friend and all i knew it wouldnt of mattered but i felt really uncomfortable.

So I just  stared at the ceiling.

“Listen, Im really happy  for you two. She may not show it but she really likes you. So you better treat her good.”  Vics voice was above a whisper so the others wouldn’t wake.

“I will,  if I don’t  I know your going to cut off my balls and  use them for maracas.”

He laughed.

“Exactly. Ill put them with my  collection or sell them on eBay.”

“Im sure you will make a good  profit on  shrivelled up testicle maracas”

“oh I will.”


“Vic, did you ever have feelings for her?”  I still had  liquor in my system, and it wasn't letting my thoughts stay quiet.

“No.  never”   I waited for him to say more.  To see if there was lie in those words.  But I never  got it. I trusted my  friend.  Finally my  mind was at ease and  I drifted to sleep.

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