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I'm afraid of what I'll find if you want to talk tonight

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Chapter 12

Nikki pov

“ Hes what?!”  I swear i was going to punch Vic.

“ Hes coming over and you two are going to talk this out”

“ Im drunk you asshole!” waving my hands around, but then decided to lean back against the  wall because my worlds began to spin.

“ Yes well, I knew if we left this till tomorrow nothing will happen.”

“ I smell like a hobo Vic!” pushing myself off the wall to ran to the bathroom forgetting to close the door all the way. I cant believe he did this. I was feeling so many things at once.

Vic pov

She left the door open a bit and was yelling at me from the shower. I had no idea what she was saying but it made me laugh. Just then I heard a knock.

“Hey bro” Kellin looked very pale

“ Hey man, shes in the shower. Go take a seat” 

“ She doesn’t know im coming?” I could heard the panic in his voice.

“She does, now i need your room key”  that was a bit of a lie,  she knew but didnt know exactly when.  This would work.  unless she decide to freak out and kill the  guy.

“Why?” he said giving me a confused look while handing me his key.

“ you wont be needing it.” with that I walked out, smiling to myself.

Kellin pov

What a dick, he just took my key. How was I suppose to get into my room.? I sat on the bed thinking about what he said before he left. Trying hard not to look at the bathroom door that was slightly open and the beautiful girl who was naked behind it. I felt a pang of jealosy towards Vic for that. UGH, I was torchering myself. I heard the water turn off and the bath curtian open. That knot beginning to  tighten again.

“ Vic I think it sobered me up a bit, I don’t think I smell like a hobo” she called. i kept quiet.

“ Fine! don’t answer me” with that the door closed over a bit more. I could hear her start to humm a song.

Oh, my stomach's tieds in knotsI'm afraid of what ill fine if you want to talk tonight 

Oooo Oooo

See the problem isn’t you, its me I knowI can tell ive seen it time after timeAnd ill push you awayI get so afraid ,

oh no

i slid my back against the wall beside the door. Resting my head back and closing my eyes. Listening to her sing. I had to hand it to her she did an amazing job. I felt goosebumps on my arms. I smiled to myself. I didn’t know she even listened to our stuff.

And I cant live without you now  Oh-oh   I cant even life with myself


I cant live without you now


And I don’t want nobody else


I wanted to sing. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it back. I wanted to touch her. That I knew I couldn’t. so I gave in.

I only have myself to blame

But do you think we can start again

Cause I cant live without you

The door opened slowly as I finished the last verse. I stood in front of her. Her eyes wide, cheeks flushed.

“ How long have you been standing there?” she said in a small voice, a bit shaky.

“Awhile. Im sorry” I knew she was embarrassed, I felt bad for eavesdropping.  She just looked at me for a moment then walked past me and sitting on the bed.

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