calm before the storm

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Chapter 15

Kellin pov

I gave a sigh as  Nikki  gave me a fast peck on the  cheek. 

Oh well, the fans will get a kick out of this.

After awhile  we went back to working, I was  looking online for something to give to Nikki to show her that I want this to be official and that  im committed.  Also I  had emails from my family asking me about her. 

Jesse came over with his gutair and started playing.

“ So are you going to sing with us Nikki?”  Jesse asked. I looked over at Nikki, she was a bit shocked.  Her eyes flickered to me for an answer.

“ I think you and I could sing that song from last night together” 

She blushed. 

“ Well I don’t know guys.”

" I dont think Pierce the veil will mind if we steal you away from their show" Gabe came over to listen in. 

"That would be a good prank"  I knew she was trying to change the subject. the guys all laughed. 

It was 3 in the afternoon and I had asked nikki to come nap with me.  She looked as  tired as I felt. I knew she was still holding back on letting me close, but gave in and got in the bunk. 

Pulling the curtain closed so it would be dark.  It was light out but they did the trick.  I could see the outline of her body and what light was left was reflecting in her eyes.  Those beautiful eyes. 

I wanted to pull her in and kiss her lips. It took everything inside me to hold back from scaring her off again. Last night she has been drunk and more relaxed. Today waking up she has been nervous and put up that wall again. 

“Im sorry its really hot in here.”   I sat up enough to pull of my shirt.  Remembering what she whispered in my ear last night.

**the night before  flash back.***

“Oh Kellin..” she moaned as  I kissed her neck, letting my hands  slid down to her thighs and  back up again.

Her fingers  pulling up my top, itching to get it off.   I sat up  helping her  take it off.  

Moving her arm around my neck to hold herself closer she  kissed my neck. I closed my  eyes letting a moan escape my mouth.   She  moved  her lips closer to my ear.

“ I like it better when its off.”  she whispered and  began to nibble.   I had lost all control at that moment.

** reality **

I blushed letting that memory flood my mind.  I laid back down on my back, sliding my hands under my head for support and  turning my head to look at her. She  was on her side, faceing me.

I smiled,  aware of what I was doing.  I wanted her to come to me.  If girls can flunt their bodies and make us  go to them, I can do the same.  

“ Like what you see?”  making a move.

She giggled.

“ I don’t know, I cant see much in the dark.” 

“ you could feel your way in the dark”  my  heart was racing, I was both nervous and excited

She didn’t say anything.

I felt her hand gently slid onto my chest. She slide herself closer.


I wrapped my arm around he pulling her as close as possibly to me. 

Her hands explored my torso slowly . I placed my hand over hers and  replaced it over my heart

Her eye lashed brushed rapidly against my skin then slowly came to a stop. Her eyes closed. I felt her  body relax as she drifted off to sleep.  Kissing her  forehead one last time before I drifted off with her.

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