Really? did you have to open your mouth

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Kellin Pov

Beep beep  Ugh , who is calling me at this time?

Beep beep

“ Hello?”

“ Hey hot stuff, what are you wearing?” the voice on the other line asking seductively .

“ What ? Who is this?”“ I asked what you were wearing? Im in boxers. Family guy ones too” This would of been hot if this was a girl, but this manly unsexy voice was getting irritating.

“ That’s nice, im in a chubaka suit”I heard laughing

“ Kellin, your such a grouch in the morning” suddenly my eyes widen and I was awake.

“ VIC! Dude, what the fuck, how are you?”

“ Well if you would get your ass out of bed and come open the door , youd find out.”

Clicking off my phone, I jogged over to the door. When I opened it I was in an instant bear hug.

“ Dude, your killing me” I breathed.

“ what are you doing here?”

“ We're on tour with you guys! We got in late last night. I would of told you sooner but apparently Mr. popularity was being interviewed then I ended up going to bed.”   I couldn’t help smile, this tour just kept getting better and better.

“ That’s awesome! Lets go get a coffee before sound?.”

“ That sounds good to me.”

I went to go get changed. while Vic caught me up on his life.

“ So you’ve met Nikki?”

How did he know.

“ Yeah shes really cool. We met the other day. How do you know?”

“ Shes my best friend. I bunked with her last night”

“ Really, did she say anything?” I called from the bathroom as I fixed my bed head.

“ About???”  he howled back.I walked out and grabbed my sunglasses. Hiding that bit of jealousy.

“ Nothing , im dying for some caffeine. Lets go”

Nikki pov

“ Hey boss im going to grab some coffee, want anything ?”

“ Yeah just the same old, thanks”With that I left the venue. I knew there was a star bucks just a block away. In the meantime I checked my phone for messages.


Hey pookie, you left me :(Going to get some battery juice before sound, msg me when you can. :D


Hey, im sorry. But duty calls when you have to fight crime!Im headed to starbucks myself. On break, wanna meet?


Hells yea , im with the Kells. Hope you don’t mind.


Naw that’s cool :)

My stomach felt like it was in knots. I swallowed it away, it was so stupid to feel this way. He isn’t different and he will do the same thing all guys do. Run.

I arrived at the coffee shop, ordered my soy caramel frap with extra espresso and caramel drizzle. I grabbed a seat outside and watched as the two boys, entered the café. They were laughing and hitting each other. Vic told me they were close but I didn’t think they were like brothers. Made me a bit jealous.

“ There she is” vic said as he made his way out to the patio to where I was.

“ Hey, sleep well?” kellin asked me as he took a seat.

“ I did, how was the interview?”

“ It was ok, I wasn’t expecting it. I kind of just wanted to sleep.” The three of us talked for a bit. Justin even showed up. We were on the topic of tonight’s show when Vic opened his mouth.

“ Are you playing with me tonight?” he asked. I shot him a look.

“ Playing? “ Justin asked. Kellin was looking at me, I felt my cheek start to burn.

“ She fill for  Hold on till May. Also some of the back up vocals.”

“ I didn’t know you sang?. That’s awesome . You have to perform tonight” Justin seemed to be so excited about this. I smiled.

“ I guess. I havnt been on stage for a long time.”

“ Stop, your such a stage whore. You may freak out before but once on stage your crazy. When we were kids we had our own band and use to perform for the neighbour hood kids. And in school.” Vic laughed

“ We were so lame. And im not a whore!” i said laughing.“ Why didnt you stick with singing?” finally Kellin spoke upI looked to Vic for help.

“ Cause this one, wanted to be a million other things in life.”  Thank you Vic, was saved by a txt msg Kellin received about sound check.

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