Silky smooth

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Chapter 14

Nikki pov.

I laid awake and watched the sun rise creep in through the window.  

Kellin was sleeping peacefully. My  head rested on his chest.  I counted his heartbeat. 

Maybe this could be different.  I could feel myself slowlying letting go of everything I tried to keep safe.  For a moment,  I felt safe.  I was comfortable in my own skin, all my guilt and angry I held on to was gone. I didn’t feel alone.  though i was thirsty, drinking lastnight hadnt been the best choice.

It quickly  vanished when my phone alaram went off.  

I rolled  off of  him and  reached for my phone.  

Ugh, its  8 am.

I laied my phone back on the table and was pulled  over  on to my back. Kellin had me  pinned down and was now on top of me. 

“ Where do you think  your going?”  he smiled and kissed my  nose. I couldn’t help but  giggle.

“ I have  to go shower  before work. Werent you sleeping?”

I tried to wiggel out but he was dead weight on my lower half.

“ Sorry I cant let you do that. You slipped out once before from my arms and I cant let it happen again.”

His words were making me melt.  I leaned up and  kissed him.

Biting his lip playfully.  He kept his eyes closed  untill I spoke.

“How about now?” I spoke in a low seductive tone.  

“ See if you go and do something  like that, I don’t think id ever let you leave this bed”

“Kellin, I have work soon”    I wined

“ But Nikki.”  he mocked. “ Call in sick”  

“ I cant”

“  okay, ill call in for you”  

“No, it would never work, they would be lost without me”

“Sure it will, watch”  with that he reached over and grabbed  my phone. He  still had me pinned under his body.

“Hey, this is Kellin the lead singer from Sleeping with Sirens.  Nikki cant come in this morning because she is currently taking a “me day”  on a count that she has been working very hard these past weeks .”   I was  trying to hold my laughed back as  he added a few  A-ha's.

“That’s  great, thank you very  much Kevin.  Keep up the good work”

He  clicked off the phone and  I burst out laughing.

“ What did I tell you, now you can have a  me day ?”  he grinned

“ Okay ill never doubt the magical powers of Mr. Quinn again.”  

Looking very  proud of himself he got off me. It was now my turn to pinn him down.  My body wasn’t very big, so he leaned down to grab the blanket and wrapped his arms around me.

"So this me day of yours, how do you wish to spend it? i asked, looking into those beautiful eyes of his.

"i think we should start it off by sleeping a bit more.   Your cute in the morning.” He said kissing me  again. Then letting out a yawn.

I smiled feeling my cheeks burn. Then laid my head back down on his chest.  

I counted his heart beat before drifting off.

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