Chapter 14: Mermaid Paranoia! Part 1

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         After Kylie and Finn's heart to heart; Finn goes to work. His first day at Sooshanie Marine Research and Rehabilitation Center. Kylie decides to stay on Moanie in hopes to discover more information about why she's like she is. But when she finishes drying off, she looks around the cave, getting an odd feeling that someone is watching her. Again. Just like last time. She walks around singing trying to push away the uneasy feeling that's overcoming her. Kylie touches the cave walls noticing they are warmer than the last time she touched them.  She draws her hand back and cringes. "Ouch! Why are they hot." She exclaims, holding her hand in pain. "What's that?" She says walking closer to the pool staring at a small crevice near the underwater entrance. She swore she thought she saw someone. She shrugs and turns back to the walls. A spark comes off the wall. "Ahhh!" Kylie jumps back startled. "What just happened?! What was that!?" She yells worried as her heart is racing.

          "Go away!" A female voice demands. Kylie's eyes open wide with fear and her entire body tenses. Her heart beating fast and her breathing picks up. "I'm just hearing things. It's this island. It's weird and creepy." She tries to calm herself as she takes a deep breath. She closes her eyes focusing on her prayer. But is startled by the voice again. "You aren't hearing anything! Now get off this Island. It's ours!" The same voice demands, but with more force. Kylie jumps. She looks around trying to find the owner of the voice. Although her fear is still fighting to gain control; she can't let something run her off the Island that turned her into a mermaid. She feels like it's her island and she isn't going to let a bully shove her around. Kylie searches for the greyish colored creature she thought she saw, but she has no luck. She cautiously bends down to the edge of the cave pool focusing on the crystal clear water. She shakes her head. "I guess I was seeing things." She stands up and faces the tunnel entrance. "I guess I'll explore the island." She says to frustrated. 

           As Kylie is focusing on the dry entrance, a female with light greyish blue skin swims out of the cave pools crevice. The female raises a hand and flicks her wrist toward Kylie. A zap of electricity strikes Kylie and she falls on her butt. Kylie looks around the cave worried. "Ouch." She says holding her head. Kylie looks at the singed ends of her hair.  "What the heck just happened." Her voice wavering. 

          The mysterious female clasps her neck in pain. She looks touches the gills on her neck feeling something coming from them. "Not again." She whispers, staring at the blood on her webbed hand. "I need to get more powers soon. I need that ring." She demands as she keeps her eye on the girl. "I just needed to find a banished Elf or Dwarf to help me find something to restore my powers. I didn't want to come across a stupid land girl." She scowls at Kylie walking around the cave. "Apparently she's one of those half-breeds Poseidon created." The grey-blue woman rolls her eyes annoyed. "I like the born half-breeds better. They don't seem as annoying and persistent as this child." 

           Kylie rolls her eyes. "I need to get out of here before something else happens." Kylie says to herself. She rubs her head. "Ouch." She winces. Whatever it was that zapped her, got her good. "Maybe I'll go home." She says. She nods agreeing with herself. She walks to the cave pool and hesitantly thinks about diving in. Kleodora finds a deeper hiding place where Kylie can't see her if Kylie goes into the water.

        She finally knows the underwater entrance goes to the front of Moanie Island. Right, where she has her boat. And where she and Nicholas arrived on the Island the first time. The underwater entrance isn't noticeable from above the water, only from below the water. Kylie shakes her doubt away. If someone was here, they'd get her already. She dives into the water to go home.

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