The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby NickfEast
Before there was everything, it's assumed there was nothing. However, what if the only difference between nothing and everything, was in the idea of how little one cared...
  • storytelling
  • plot
  • worldbuilding
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The Survivors: Body & Blood (book 3) by AmandaHavard
The Survivors: Body & Blood (book...by Amanda Havard
HOW MANY ANSWERS YOU SEEK ARE JUST A PART OF YOU, WAITING TO BE FOUND? The game has changed. Fresh from her first brush with mortality, a fragile Sadie Matthau is playin...
  • paranormal
  • war
  • history
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The Confectionary Chronicles || HP/SPN by Cheshire_Carroll
The Confectionary Chronicles || HP...by Girl in ฬ๏ภ๔єгℓคภ๔
~Harry Potter/Supernatural Crossover~ Hermione Granger is seven years old when she kneels in front of an altar she's made herself with an offering of the best sweets her...
  • granger
  • crossover
  • fenris
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Daily Deity by RobinHongo
Daily Deityby Robin Hongo
Closer than comfortable, 10 Gods who have (almost) no idea what they're doing, unlock the secrets to their powers and do their best to keep their dysfunctional family u...
  • secrets
  • interactive
  • family
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Mushroom High School by SaltyNuts
Mushroom High Schoolby why is this my name
With popularity, there's a price to pay. We all desire power; whether it's the ability to perform something or act in a particular fashion, or the capacity to direct or...
  • luigi
  • mona
  • wattys2017
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Her Miracle [Melwood] by xemileexx
Her Miracle [Melwood]by Emilee
(SLOW UPDATES) Melissa's life went down hill when her boyfriend and baby daddy Blake left her with their twins. That was until Chris came into her life 4 years later Cov...
  • twins
  • supergirl
  • karamel
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Avatar: The New Hero Saga. "BOOK-ONE: REEMERGENCE" (Now Complete) by Cstories11
Avatar: The New Hero Saga. "BOOK-O...by AwesomeStories4UAll!
(Strays away from what is cannon) It's been eighteen years since the death of the last Avatar and the conclusion of the second Grand World War. And now, from within a re...
  • nickelodeon
  • makorra
  • wattys2018
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The Giving Witch by Leavah
The Giving Witchby Leah
★ Junkenstein AU ★ The Swiss medic, Dr. Angela Ziegler, had always worked for people, also hoping to give and restore life without taking anything in return. But how doe...
  • event
  • ana
  • halloween
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Come Little Children. by YandereFaithfull
Come Little Children.by Faithfull
It was just a lore. A tale mothers told their children to stop then starting into the forest. But then disappearances started to happen Children missing never to be foun...
  • fear
  • chase
  • stories
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The Underground|Undertale Lore by MangleTMCP
The Underground|Undertale Loreby Mangle The MineCraftPlayz
Undertale storyline. True Pacifist and Genocide routes. No cringiness. Just a recreation of the true gem that Undertale is.
  • undertale
  • pacifist
  • wattys2018
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💛Amnesia💜 by Matt_Theater
💛Amnesia💜by Hey, am legosexually
"Binder, What happen to him? " I asked him. "My theory is that when he went through the portal it was too much trauma for him. Causing him to ... forget...
  • heartboundlorexreader
  • heartbound
  • xreader
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Defenders of the Universe - Steven Universe/Voltron: Legendary Defender by halo20601
Defenders of the Universe - Steven...by JOHN PARRY
The Cluster has been bubbled, and Steven Universe has returned to Beach City; only to find himself thrown into another adventure with his friends and family, after agree...
  • crossover
  • lapis
  • pidge
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Star Trek Oneshots by Music_and_Books5ever
Star Trek Oneshotsby Sarah Gearhart
Star Trek Oneshots with any character from the Original Series or The Next Generation.
  • xreader
  • spock
  • kirk
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The war of the Fourth age! by bynney
The war of the Fourth age!by bynney
After Sauron's defeat and destruction of the ring, brought in a new age the fourth age! But there is still evil in the land of shadow for Sauron's lesser captains are no...
  • lordoftherings
  • firststory
  • fanfiction
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Galaxy Hunters: Encyclopedia Galactica by The_Saviour_oFDeaTh
Galaxy Hunters: Encyclopedia Galac...by Elseweyr
The world of the Nyne Quadrants is a large universe with an even wider, rich, and strange history. Before the events of "Galaxy Hunters: The Treasure of Traitors&qu...
  • interstellar
  • science
  • history
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Five Nights at Freddy's Lore (Book 1, FNaF 1-Sister Location) by MangleTMCP
Five Nights at Freddy's Lore (Book...by Mangle The MineCraftPlayz
Fazbear Entertainment has undergone major tragedy, and it just keeps getting worse, especially when one of their own employees, William Afton, goes insane and begins kil...
  • fanfic
  • fnaf
  • retelling
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Legends of Arkn by WCBusch
Legends of Arknby W. C. Busch
The land of Arkn is filled with legends. What was once the mighty Kingdom of Arkn Kiilpn is now a collections of city states, mercenary bands, and ruins that dot the lan...
  • linkinpark
  • friendship
  • war
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The Duel Terminal Storyline by Red_Gallade_Duelist
The Duel Terminal Storylineby SSGSSJ2
In the world of the Duel Terminal, there is peace in only war, equality in only battle, and a truce only in chaos. Everything in this is owned by Konami.
  • yu-gi-oh
  • yugioh
  • duel
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Tomorrow by ashtonmor0
Tomorrowby Ashton Moreau
Witches are one of; If not the most powerful supernatural being that lives; Reining as the creator of immortality; Their powers thriving from the very earth they walk ac...
  • lgbt
  • supernatural
  • fantasy
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Tales from the Château by ThatCrazedCourier
Tales from the Châteauby Mordecai the Skrub
Deep in the void lies a pocket dimension, kept shielded from the petty issues of the Multiverse at large. This realm has had countless names, but as of recently it has g...
  • xover
  • lore
  • originalcharacter
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