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Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Society by WriterKittie
Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Kittie
Tempest and her 16 other siblings are mermaid. No one knows about them being mermaids, everyone just thinks that they're humans. They have just recently moved because...
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The Mermaid's Blessing by WinterTailor
The Mermaid's Blessingby Caroline Winter
Coralie has lived a life behind a wall, meant to keep her safe, but the ocean has always called to her. Now, captured aboard a ship, sailing the sea under the scrutiny o...
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Broken (BWWM) by Queen_AngelAce
Broken (BWWM)by Angel Ace
I grabbed my suitcase and packed my clothes. I then heard the door slam shut and lock itself. I turned around. I pulled on it. "Kacey this isn't funny." I call...
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1D and the MermaID  •|H.S|• ✔️Complete  by ACup_OfTae_
1D and the MermaID •|H.S|• ✔️ President NamJesus⁷
18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go o...
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Sirens → S.ROGERS by suchsweetvibess
Sirens → S.ROGERSby “Kat”
But you can't ever forget someone you've loved ~ Ailanna Collaboration with @BUCKY-VALESKA
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True mates (twilight/Edward fanfic) by destiny2003desi
True mates (twilight/Edward fanfic)by destiny2003desi
(Destiny is a shape shifter/mermaid but she can be can become anything and not just one animal or thing) Destiny swan is Bella's twin sister. When Bella goes to forks D...
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~ A Sister Tail~ by JaninneSudjatmiko
~ A Sister Tail~by Janinne Sudjatmiko
As Ariel and Eric celebrate the birth of Harmony and Melody, twin sisters who were born of land and Sea, Morgana, the wicked, evil younger sister of Ursula , kidnaps one...
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Shell Masturbation by thelupes
Shell Masturbationby thelupes
When all of the H2O just add water girls come out a lesbians at the same time, things get a little cray cray.
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Mermaid Mikaelson  by -voidalexis
Mermaid Mikaelson by alexis
Scarlet Smith- Mikaelson is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and a one night stand. When she left that morning he didn't know that she was pregnant. He also didn't know t...
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Lethal (BWWM) by Queen_AngelAce
Lethal (BWWM)by Angel Ace
" God!!! Fuck Blaze!!!" She moaned. She quivered and squirmed around me. She tried to close her legs but I wasn't having it. She moaned my name out loud...
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The Sea God's One-Night-Stand by Alycat1901
The Sea God's One-Night-Standby Alex Gedgaudas
How to have your life flip-turned upside down in five easy steps. ⇨1) Find out your long-term boyfriend has been cheating on you with your assistant. ⇨2) Get completely...
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MERMAID º teen wolf ¹ by sarahmitchellxx
MERMAID º teen wolf ¹by ˗ˏˋSARAHˊˎ˗
❛i love everything about you and i wish i didn't i love you more then i've ever loved myself, and i think that's the problem❜ warning: incredibly cheesy and cliche story...
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Knight of Hearts (The Enchanted World Book 7) by faddiemanzi
Knight of Hearts (The Enchanted Faddiemanzi
Read Bk1 Possessed By Lord Mage; Bk2 Tempting The Dark King; Bk3 The Dragon's Keeper; Bk4 Moonchild's War; Bk5 Enslaved Is His Heart; Bk6 In The Iyr Of Storm first ~~~~ ...
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Mako's Last Black-Tailed Mermaid by Rossys_girl_4eva
Mako's Last Black-Tailed Mermaidby This Guy's Wife
When Kayla Smith, the last Black-tailed Mermaid, meets Zac, Sirena, Mimmi, Ondina and Erik, things seem to change. They seem to change in ways nobody can explain. Live...
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Mist {BTSxReader} by TaeTae_lyfe
Mist {BTSxReader}by -Mäx
You watch her walk away and it hits you that she is an entire ocean And you were wrong, so very wrong Because you let her go Thinking she was just a girl • • • • • Book...
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The Mermaid Queen [GxG] by apwwrites
The Mermaid Queen [GxG]by apwwrites
Victoria Stone, the Queen of all mermaids, is known for being like her name, stone cold. Hearing rumors of littering by the new family on her territory, she goes to chec...
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The Mermaids' Royalty by LunaNorah
The Mermaids' Royaltyby BloodMoon
It's been a few months since Gaea was put back to sleep, and it's almost time for Percy to go back to school again. He's dreading it, but what ADHD dyslexic kid doesn't...
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The Ocean, My Love (BTS Mermaid AU ) by A_Cute_Fangirl
The Ocean, My Love (BTS Mermaid Jessica
Ji-Soo Lea belongs to the ocean. She has always had a deep connection with the water until the ocean betrayed her and took Kai, her brother, away. A few months after Kai...
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Glass  by realynn123
Glass by Rea
H20: just add water fanfic
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Swashbucklers ⚓ Henry Turner by SHIELD-Avenger
Swashbucklers ⚓ Henry Turnerby ˗ˏˋ Lil ˎˊ˗
❝Its a pirate's life for me, savvy?❞ aka PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN : L E G E N D O F T H E M O O N C R Y S T A L ©SHIELD-Avenger...
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