Fish On A Hook by LyrisaLove
Fish On A Hookby LyrisaLove
Harry Hook/OC This is a dark story about a mermaid living her worst nightmare of getting captured by a pirate. There will be violence/a little smut... So, the neverland...
  • mermaids
  • descendants2
  • violent
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The Blues of Atlantis | ✔ by PatriciaElliott8
The Blues of Atlantis | ✔by Patricia Elliott
What if you fell in love with a myth? What if that myth fell in love with you? There was no denying it, Nerina Winters loved the sea and all the stories that went along...
  • love
  • babies
  • action
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Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Society by WriterKittie
Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Kittie
Tempest and her 16 other siblings are mermaid. No one knows about them being mermaids, everyone just thinks that they're humans. They have just recently moved because...
  • sorcery
  • love
  • mates
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One Direction Adopted a What?!? by MissWritingLover
One Direction Adopted a What?!?by WritingLover
Book 1 of 2 Hi, My name's Ali and I have a pretty life-changing secret. Believe it or not, I'm a natural-born Mermaid. But when you add orphan to the list, man does life...
  • zayn
  • payne
  • harry
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Miraculous Mermaid by BlueroseSnow
Miraculous Mermaidby Blue
Marinette is a mermaid who loves to collect things from the human world. One day while exploring the surface she spots a handsome human and falls in love. How far is Mar...
  • wattys2018
  • thelittlemermaid
  • miraculous
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How to Date the Weasley Twins  by Melancholy_Malfoy
How to Date the Weasley Twins by Marauders Mama
You love the Weasley Twins. they love you. This is the story of how you dated the Weasley Twins at the same time.
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • wattys2018
  • mermaids
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Mermaids and Vampires by Juffin_is_here
Mermaids and Vampiresby Juffin
Mermaids and Vampires have clashed for centuries. When Dylan moves to a small town by the ocean and has a strange encounter with a girl on the beach, he has no idea what...
  • mermaids
  • vampires
H2O- Prince Percy by LordPerseus1120
H2O- Prince Percyby Lord Perseus
After the giant war Percy along with Sally and Paul moves to Australia for a new start for the baby on the way. Percy IM Annabeth to tell her about the flight for her to...
  • h2o
  • prince
  • makoislands
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Sins of the Sea by SaintCorvus
Sins of the Seaby Xin
Born the illegitimate love-child of a disgraced monk and an unknown mother, Sio lives the life of an outcast on the island of Roba. Her only solace lies in the wild wave...
  • sins
  • adventure
  • island
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Curses and Ash || Book Two by TiffanyDaune
Curses and Ash || Book Twoby Tiffany Daune
COMPLETE ~ Discover the spellbinding sequel to Coral and Bone... A demented twin sister, a demon hijacking her powers, and a mysterious journal filled with more questio...
  • dragons
  • featured
  • merfolk
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My Innocent Stripper Mate by Princess_Unikitty01
My Innocent Stripper Mateby curvybae55
I heard a terrifying roar and loud thumping 'oh no he know that I escaped, now he's after me!'. I kept running and running dodging trees, branches, rocks, and logs ignor...
  • stripping
  • kidnapped
  • bestfriend
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merman - TAEKOOK by parkjiminied
merman - TAEKOOKby Lau ♡
mermaids are just a myth, and so are mermen, but are they really? merman!taehyung human!jeongguk
  • gay
  • kooktae
  • bts
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Assassin XY and the Prince (MermanxMerman) by SoSand
Assassin XY and the Prince ( Apollo Winters
(BXB) When a curious sea-drawn marine biologist takes his leisurely sea trip by himself in his special ship, he happens upon his past.... And a new love. Based off a cra...
  • sea
  • cute
  • mermen
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Hailie-Storm: A Pirate Adventure by PirateCaptainZero
Hailie-Storm: A Pirate Adventureby Lauriann A. Comrie
**Wattpad Featured Story** Hailie has been on the run for five years from the very man she wants to kill. When the town she was staying in was attacked by pirates, Hai...
  • adventure
  • racialdiversity
  • eli
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The Seven Kingdoms by LadySapphire2018
The Seven Kingdomsby LadySapphire2018
Everything had been going so well, until Jasmine started growing scales. She had a loving family, a wonderful best friend, and even a pet dolphin before she found out th...
  • featured
  • mermaidspecies
  • mermaids
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Broken (BWWM) by Jewel989
Broken (BWWM)by Jewel989
Angel Starlight is a shy, quiet girl. She doesn't like attention. But that doesn't mean she's harmless. She has a smart mouth. She's a mermaid who stays out of trouble...
  • powers
  • suicideattempt
  • suicide
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Danger in the water by Galaxy_angst
Danger in the waterby 👽 Sirius 👽
[Siren Levi x human Eren] Eren Jaeger lives by a large beach, with his unique family: Mikasa, Dad, Mum and lastly Hanji. His parents are good hearted people, who don't p...
  • horror
  • bxb
  • riren
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Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Big Bad Wolf by nickelwat
Little Red Riding Hood Meets the Nicole
Annabeth Danvers is a typical 18 year old girl except for one thing. She is a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood. She is part of a line of women who is supposed to pro...
  • littleredridinghood
  • war
  • magic
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Serene Love by Burt11157
Serene Loveby Burt
Prince Lance of Altea, son of King Alfor and younger sibling to Allura... and they're mermaid. He grew up in the castle, not slowed to ever leave. But one day he gets in...
  • coran
  • lance
  • pirates
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Smoke and Ruin || Book Three by TiffanyDaune
Smoke and Ruin || Book Threeby Tiffany Daune
Darkness is calling. She sacrificed her soul to save the realms. Now Halen must face a life tethered to a curse. But can she accept a world without Asair and her sister...
  • spells
  • elemental
  • powers
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