Book of spells by hollyemberbvbarmy
Book of spellsby Holly
Ever wanted a spell book of all kinds of wonderful spells? Yes? well here ya go! a spell book just for you! but...if your not careful, bad,bad things could happen, could...
  • witchcraft
  • wicca
  • neko
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My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic] by Twilight_Hime10
My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic]by Hime Black
Twilight and H20: Just Add Water crossover Luna Brown recently moved to La Push, Washington from Gold Coast, Australia. Luna is the only daughter of Nora Brown nee Black...
  • mermaids
  • twilight
  • jaredxoc
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mermaid º teen wolf ¹ (SEQUEL OUT NOW) by sarahmitchellxx
mermaid º teen wolf ¹ (SEQUEL ˗ˏˋSARAHˊˎ˗
  • mermaid
  • tylerhoechlin
  • scott
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The Mermaid Hypothesis by adam_and_jane
The Mermaid Hypothesisby A.V. Geiger
In the year 2020, the music industry is dead. A new technology called SirenSong has gone viral and wiped out every major record label on the planet. An out-of-work reco...
  • anxiety
  • youngadult
  • psychological
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Hailie-Storm: A Pirate Adventure by PirateCaptainZero
Hailie-Storm: A Pirate Adventureby Lauriann A. Comrie
**Wattpad Featured Story** Hailie has been on the run for five years from the very man she wants to kill. When the town she was staying in was attacked by pirates, Hai...
  • revenge
  • pirates
  • hailie
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Double Hybrid by Hanaadi05
Double Hybridby Hanaadi.G1
Crystal is a double hybrid. 1/4 vampire 1/4 werewolf 1/4 witch and 1/4 mermaid Her dad is werewolf and vampire Her mum is witch and mermaid That's partly the reason why...
  • mermaids
  • werewolf
  • doublehybrid
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The Faerie Curses by August_Blue
The Faerie Cursesby August
A war is brewing in The Faerie Realm; it's up to a knight, a prince, and an outcast to stop it. When a sinister and mysterious master takes control of a group of curs...
  • fiction
  • writteninaction
  • badassreads
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Knight of Hearts (The Enchanted World Book 7) by faddiemanzi
Knight of Hearts (The Enchanted Faddiemanzi
Read Bk1 Possessed By Lord Mage; Bk2 Tempting The Dark King; Bk3 The Dragon's Keeper; Bk4 Moonchild's War; Bk5 Enslaved Is His Heart; Bk6 In The Iyr Of Storm first ~~~~ ...
  • phoenix
  • lycanthropes
  • enchanted
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Danger in the water by Siriusly_very_gay
Danger in the waterby Short_stack
[Siren Levi x human Eren] Eren Jaeger lives by a large beach, with his unique family: Mikasa, Dad, Mum and lastly Hanji. His parents are good hearted people, who don't p...
  • horror
  • ereri
  • riren
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New Beginning ° Edward Cullen by JJ_Brooks_
New Beginning ° Edward Cullenby _JamieLynn_Brooks
Alexandra was the light of Edward's human life. That light vanished when the relentless Spanish influenza struck her fragile body. She was taken quickly. Edward was diag...
  • edwardcullen
  • hybrid
  • twilight
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Of the Land and the Sea (Jack Sparrow x Reader) by RandomFandoms3
Of the Land and the Sea (Jack RandomFandoms3
"You. Yes child come. Aye that's a good lad. Have you heard of the prophecy? No? Well have a seat next to me. I'll tell you. A great treasure has been discovered. A...
  • readerinsert
  • siren
  • reefs
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Individual R*le Pl*y by DeadlyPeachTea
Individual R*le Pl*yby dancing queen
This is totally not an rp book I am totally not incensed that my old one was deleted Me??? Angry??? NEVER!! You looking for a weird, fun, strange individual rp with ga...
  • individual
  • gore
  • yaoi
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The Blues of Atlantis | ✔ by PatriciaElliott8
The Blues of Atlantis | ✔by Patricia Elliott
What if you fell in love with a myth? What if that myth fell in love with you? There was no denying it, Nerina Winters loved the sea and all the stories that went along...
  • girl
  • atlantis
  • princess
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Operation X (BxB) by ms_michaelis
Operation X (BxB)by ms_michaelis
On an island nobody knows about, scientist are creating a new species. A species that is stronger, smarter,more beautiful than an average human, and everything a normal...
  • yaoi
  • death
  • twins
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Life's a Beach by Bookmuncher444
Life's a Beachby Bookmuncher444
Greek mythology. One enormous, twisted family's stories told a million different ways. You've seen it through the eyes of each and every hero in the legends. You've seen...
  • hercules
  • olympus
  • mermaids
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merman - TAEKOOK by parkjiminied
merman - TAEKOOKby Lau ♡
mermaids are just a myth, and so are mermen, but are they really? merman!taehyung human!jeongguk
  • fantasy
  • jeonjungkook
  • taekook
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Sins of the Sea by SaintCorvus
Sins of the Seaby Xin
Born the illegitimate love-child of a disgraced monk and an unknown mother, Sio lives the life of an outcast on the island of Roba. Her only solace lies in the wild wave...
  • magic
  • sins
  • death
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Washed Up ~ A Gay Love Story by GummiStories
Washed Up ~ A Gay Love Storyby * GUMMI *
"Out of all the things that could wash up on the beach, it had to be a merman" -Bryant Novoa
  • boyxboy
  • lost
  • mermaids
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The Alphas Mermaid Mate by Tag_Team_Writers_
The Alphas Mermaid Mateby Tag_Team_Writers_
17 year old Sabrina Atlantica has a very big secret. She is a mermaid princess. When her and her siblings are forced to go above water by their father King of the Atlant...
  • love
  • fantasy
  • mates
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Siren's Story  by OtakuLunar
Siren's Story by Saku-Chan
What if you had a second chance at life? Would you take that chance, but at the cost of forgetting everything you've ever known? Shime finds herself lured to the ocean w...
  • mythological
  • adventure
  • ocean
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