Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom(COMPLETED) by kabita_rai
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Kabita Rai
NOT MINE! ONLY FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES! [The gong (seme) and shou (uke) have no blood relation, are also not in the same household register, do not share a father nor a mot...
  • blackbelly
  • sibling-not-repeated-by-blood
  • shota-con
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Leisurely Life Of Qin Luo by QuinNefertari
Leisurely Life Of Qin Luoby QuinNefertari
THIS STORY CONTAINED GODS AND IMMORTALS... Qin Luo is a being standing at the top of the pyramid of power. After cultivating for 6 billion years she created her own cos...
  • heroes
  • siblings
  • overbearing
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The guy who never loved- a Ragsan & Swalak mystery by aashikapandiyan
The guy who never loved- a aradhanaselvam
Ranked #3 among familyconflict , #12 in ragsan, #29 in swaragini as on 20/09/18.The unknown mysteries that break the trust and exibits rivalry,jealousy and death of unex...
  • wattys2018
  • swaragini
  • wattys2017
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Ex with Benefits (sequel to Roommates with Benefits) by TheWritingWolf1
Ex with Benefits (sequel to Artemis Wolf
18 years ago Lukas Bennet was a former bad boy willing to retire from the player life and commit to one single girl. 18 years ago, for once in her life, Tara Baker was b...
  • ex
  • heartbreak
  • marriage
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His Soccer Girl by TheyCallMeRy
His Soccer Girlby Rylee
Summer and Bryce have faced obstacle upon obstacle, and have survived many highs and lows in their relationship. But now with Bryce off to college, will their love survi...
  • soccerromance
  • familyconflict
  • military
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Ahlam by khadeejah_m
Ahlamby Khadijah Mukhtar
  • goals
  • family
  • familyconflict
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A Dreaded Heart by Daryl_Dixon_trash
A Dreaded Heartby R.M.J
Tyler is a straight A honor roll student. A teen every parent wants theirs to be. But there's one thing about him that isn't in the dream. He's in love with his step-sis...
  • disturbingtosome
  • familyconflict
  • stepsiblings
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The only Saviour by Lokis-daughter
The only Saviourby Lokis-daughter
You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle. And this story is about my battle. *Warning does...
  • familylies
  • accident
  • training
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Sweet But Psycho (Min Yoongi ff) by SugaTingz
Sweet But Psycho (Min Yoongi ff)by SugaTingz
Yn's mother works at a mental hospital and yn and her friends help her out sometimes... You liked all the patients but there was that one boy who always caught your atte...
  • btsscenarios
  • love
  • btsjimin
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Faults In Us || Quote Book by PrettierMind17
Faults In Us || Quote Bookby PrettierMind17
Life happens & so many other things. & that's what i wrote in here. & If you decide to tap "read" i wish you read each & every word and not skip a sentence! ...
  • people
  • facebook
  • crushed
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Doubts by emo_space_boi
Doubtsby The Insanely Cool Jared Klein...
Eriya Yamada had a good life. It wasn't perfect, but it was good. She had two parents who loved her and each other and brother who cared about her. She went to church ev...
  • mentalhealth
  • nonbinary
  • familyconflict
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You Bring Me Home [h.s.] by therosepose
You Bring Me Home [h.s.]by therosepose
Tenatatively, Clara took her right hand out of her pocket. Harry held her hand up gingerly, examining it. "Oh, love, what have you done to yourself?" He kissed...
  • harryedwardstyles
  • gayness
  • comingout
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You Should Die Instead by MissPerla09
You Should Die Insteadby PERLA
WARNING : This is NOT a yaoi fanfiction! I said this because I feel uncomfortable everytime someone put it in their yaoi reading list and I don't want people's first imp...
  • fanfiction
  • familyconflict
  • anime
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Broken Fabric by CaroIsabela
Broken Fabricby Carolina Isabela
Xiomara thinks that her life has found some balance when she finally marries Javier, against her father's wishes. She leaves her comfortable life in Mexico City and move...
  • drama
  • mafia
  • dark
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Loki's Daughter by Lokis-daughter
Loki's Daughterby Lokis-daughter
Loki has a daughter. But she's on earth and he killed 80 people two years ago. Thanos is coming and there is no escaping him. Unless Loki's daughter is stronger than he...
  • family
  • familyconflict
  • familyandfriends
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Svetlane Family by AllvishTOV
Svetlane Familyby AllvishTOV
Rich is just a status. Money is just a tool. Huge mansion is just a jail-looked shelter. Being rich isn't the answer for everything in this world. Being rich doesn't rea...
  • relationship-complicated
  • general
  • life
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Matchsticks by CaroIsabela
Matchsticksby Carolina Isabela
Intro: I turned around, not because of any sound, but because of the intense smell of charred wood coming from behind me. It flooded my nostrils and forced me to breath...
  • teenfiction
  • police
  • serialkiller
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Eternal - Part 1 (Stories 1-6) by EricNaylor
Eternal - Part 1 (Stories 1-6)by Eric Naylor
Is it possible to go too far to keep a promise? Tiberius Hamilton hated his father as a boy. He never thought that he would one day yearn for reconciliation with the old...
  • werewolf
  • dark
  • salvation
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When Love Hurts... by dadylovesmeh
When Love Wife of an Angel
5 years na naging mag kasintahan sila Luke at Apple ng mag desisyon silang magpakasal. Naging masaya at puno ng pagmamahal ang 10 taon nila bilang mag asawa. Nagkaroon n...
  • romance
  • mayward
  • hurtfull
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Arranged Divorce by aashikapandiyan
Arranged Divorceby aradhanaselvam
Ranked #20 in suspicion as on 20/09/18.Unexpected relation with high expectations shatters when destiny plunges its play into it..Wait and watch a relation which you do...
  • romcom
  • familyconflict
  • suspense
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