Deep Under  {ManxMan} by _A13XA_
Deep Under {ManxMan}by Alexa
Aquarius is a merman. He lives in the ocean, helps his tribe out, and enjoys life as much as he can. Being in his tribe is hard though, especially when he has to see all...
  • mate
  • magic
  • manxman
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Deep Blue Sea  by WorldWriter_1
Deep Blue Sea by 🦂тнє ωяιтєя🐍
[MANxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Blue' Series: Easton LeLand is a merman. He has lived in the sea all his life and never broke the rules. He knew that there were pirates that...
  • ships
  • love
  • ocean
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Washed Up ~ A Gay Love Story by GummiStories
Washed Up ~ A Gay Love Storyby * GUMMI *
"Out of all the things that could wash up on the beach, it had to be a merman" -Bryant Novoa
  • wattys2017
  • boyonboy
  • mermanandhuman
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Swim Away (Mermaid) by AMermaidsDream
Swim Away (Mermaid)by Angel
Lara Tsovikian wasn't someone that went out much or engaged in social events. The ocean was the only place where Lara spent most of her time and felt like she belonged...
  • teen
  • beach
  • surfing
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Of Different Waters (boyxboy) by TransientGuest
Of Different Waters (boyxboy)by TransientGuest
When Ronan was thirteen and started giving people electrical shocks whenever he touched them, he asked his mom why it was happening. She immediately answered static elec...
  • tiburon
  • mxm
  • ronan
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Mythical boy x reader by HeathaDragonmaster
Mythical boy x readerby Heatha
I sadly have not found any of these so I'm gonna give it a shot! these will be x reader oneshots with mythical 'monster' boys like! vampire(no they wont freakin sparkle)...
  • zombie
  • neko
  • kitsune
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Marine Love (boyxboy) by AliceElizabeth321
Marine Love (boyxboy)by AliceElizabeth321
"Careful human." The...thing said in a concerned voice. "W-What are you, what d-do you want?" I shakily asked him, curling up my body protecting myse...
  • fantasy
  • ocean
  • love
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Sirens~ Merman AU⎢Ereri/Riren by Moonlight_Cloud
Sirens~ Merman AU⎢Ereri/Rirenby ?✨ ⌡⍲☽ℰ ✨?
Levi has been on the sea for more than 5 years now. He's a captain of the ship Survey Corpse, and for the past 3 months him and his crew have been sailing the seas, look...
  • riren
  • levixeren
  • yaoi
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Rough Waters by MilitaryBound03
Rough Watersby MilitaryBound03
Kai is a feisty merman. With hair of fire and a tail of ice, he lived in the deep, unforgiving oceans. One day, trying to get food, a net wraps around his tail, permanen...
  • teasing
  • mayberape
  • fluffandsmut
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Indomitable by dddope
Indomitableby dddope
In a city overrun by the corrupt and crazy, driven by greed, lust, and desire, Remi Goldridge's sweet nature and strong moral compass are strange and unheard of. When R...
  • kingdom
  • cruel
  • merman
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Experiment with love by Arandomshipper
Experiment with loveby Arandomshipper
Marks father works as a scientist in a lab. He brings him in one day to see what they have been doing. The experiment watches Mark observing him. "Dad can I meet h...
  • experiment
  • fanfiction
  • merman
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Captured by goldenscares666
Capturedby Golden
Merman x Reader
  • monster
  • romance
  • xreader
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The Snake & The Siren by Billdip_stories
The Snake & The Sirenby Billdip_stories
Bill Cipher. A dream demon with unstoppable and very powerful. After he was 'defeated' and turned to stone his rage was powerful enough to break it. The only thing was t...
  • billcipher
  • siren
  • billdip
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Ereri- merman (Eren x Levi fanfiction) by iiteru
Ereri- merman (Eren x Levi Ryn
Levi never wanted to be dragged out on that damn motor boat. It just sort of happened. And when he feels eyes watching him, suspicion grows over as he awaits Hanjis re...
  • attackontitan
  • auriren
  • mermaidau
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The Unexpected Mate by furmommyof6
The Unexpected Mateby Furmommy of 6
"Say your goodbye Annie, you will not be seeing him again. You will choose a mate and be marked by next week so that you may start your training." My father sa...
  • love
  • mate
  • sciencefiction
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Bastian's Song by AnnaQuin07
Bastian's Songby Anna
Prince Bastian is the last in a long line of mermen blessed by the Goddess Selene with incredible power. As the tension between his clan and their mortal enemy rises, he...
  • betrayal
  • magic
  • siren
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Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby BladeSeeker
Levi is determined to find a mermaid who can heal his leg, as mermaid's tears are rumored to heal any wound. When Eren gets captured by Levi and his crew, he refuses to...
  • snk
  • erenxlevi
  • mermaid
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Glow klance mermaid au  by WeebShiper
Glow klance mermaid au by WeebShiper
Lance was walking to his favourite cove after a storm hit to see if anything changed he then heard crying and ran to see what was in his cove not knowing that what he s...
  • mermaid
  • hunk
  • mermaidau
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Waves - KookV by TaekWhatYouWant
Waves - KookVby s he wh o i s br ok e n
Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung fan fiction. Wherein Kim Taehyung belongs to the endangered species of mermaids, and Jeon Jungkook is the prince- well, the prince of t...
  • wtf
  • kooktae
  • yaoi
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TAIL || JaeWin [COMPLETED] by winwinoppa
TAIL || JaeWin [COMPLETED]by winscheng
❝ Jaehyun found a job which is related to what he loved the most; the water. ❞ a Fantasy fanfiction about a person who met a merman, and how things happened between them...
  • winwin
  • dongsicheng
  • merman
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