Chapter 79: Touring The Isles

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The two respected groups all landed in the isles from one of Lena's portals. The team and mystics were slightly amused when the league basically stumbled out of the portal. Like the siren of nature kept saying, her portals are a bit daunting for first time users.

''We'd have warned you, but actions speak louder than words,'' Lena giggled.

''Not like you can prepare for her portals, anyway,'' Krinos smirked.

''Pretty sure I lost my lunch the first time I traveled using your portal,'' Alain says. ''I prefer it when Wulf help us get around.''

''Wulf can't always be there, Alain,'' Danny says. ''And as his prince, I should know.''

''I can't hep it,'' Alain snickered. ''He's a werewolf ghost, so i'm naturally drawn to him as if he was one of my pack.''

Siren chuckled at his antics. From behind the group, the rest of the mystics all rushed out of the portal to get to their respected isles. Vampires, sirens, were-creatures, witches & wizards, and harpies. The ghosts all vanished back to their zone.

''Justice League, welcome to the Mystic Isles,'' he introduced.

The adult heroes were in awe of their surroundings. Even with Wonder Woman and Aquaman being from Themiscyra and Atlantis, this place was one of the most beautiful they've ever seen. From the floating islands to the multi-colored clouds. And the entire realm just seemed to work together in perfect harmony.

''That's everyone's first reaction,'' Lena giggled.

''You get used to it after a while,'' Danny shrugged. ''Where to first, guys?''

''My isle is the closest,'' Skylar pointed out.

"Very well," Danny said.

The mystics and team walked onto one of the crystal bridge connecting the isles. The Justice League followed them. Phantom, Siren, Skylar, Orion, and Lena let themselves fly into the air. For their kinds, flying came second nature to them. As easily as breathing.

"This place is very beautiful," Wonder Woman complimented.

"The Mystic Isles are very special for both mystics and ghosts," Melinda says. "Not just because of how it's the home to all forms of magic. It's a sacred place filled with history, with unity, with family. For mystics born on Earth, they're able to come here to learn about their ancestors, their culture and history, their legacy."

"Most of the world can't even begin to dream about this type of peace," Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) said. "Everything, from vampires to fairies are at peace"

"It wasn't always like this," Orion told the league.

The league looked at the mystics, as if silently pleading to know the full story. By that time, they had reached the Isle of Pegasi. The isle was like a great big forest made from entirely autumn season trees. It was an amazing sight to see with all the different types of pegasi flying around. One was even entirely pink.

"There was a time when the isles were very secluded and separate from one another," Krinos said. "When we only communicated with those of our respected kinds and those of the same element."

"Element," Flash asked, confused.

"In the beginning, there were seven main elements of magic, each one with its own representative," White explained. "Gryphon or air. Dragon for fire. Dryads for nature. Mermaids/mermen for water. Siren for sound. Unicorn for light. Winter wolves for ice. There was always constant friction between them. It was the difference in what they use their powers for.''

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