Chapter 18: The Sapphire Dragon

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The two heroes flew back into the Ghost Zone. They were unaware of the streak of blue that had zipped through their portal.

''You think Roy remembered the way to Phantom's Keep,'' White asked his brother.

''I'm sure he did,'' Danny says. ''Besides, it's a giant black and white castle on a floating island. Kind of hard to miss.''

''Point made,'' White chuckled.

*****Time Skip*****

The two had finally made it to the castle. The castle had definitely changed since the rein of Pariah Dark. The walls were now white and silver, with black tapestries on the walls. The Danny Phantom symbol was over the door. And to also show a little bit of Gold Siren, the windows and doors were lined with gold bricks. The actual castle design was more like something out of a fairy tale than a medieval themed horror movie.

''The bio-ship's here, that's a good sign,'' White said. ''But, didn't we forget about how Fright Knight's really protective of the castle.''

''Oh shoot,'' Danny swore. ''Hopefully he recognized Red Arrow and didn't throw them into the dungeon. Or use the Soul Shredder to send them to the nightmare realm.''

''That is a lot to hope for,'' White said, the two flying into the castle.

They flew into the throne room, and breathed when they saw the team still in ah of the castle. Their faces were priceless.

''Take a picture, it lasts longer,'' Danny joked.

''About time you two finally came back,'' Wally said, annoyed.

''How were the rest of the leaders,'' Roy asked, ignoring the speedster.

''After scaring them half to death, we did get a good look at what is going on,'' White answered. ''They're all preparing for if the world of magic is exposed. Melinda and Orion are especially worried.''

''Who are they, anyway,'' Dick asks. ''You never told us.''

''We were a little preoccupied at that moment,'' Danny said. ''Melinda is the leader of the Isle of Wicca, the most powerful witch there. Orion is the prince of harpies, ruling over the Isle of Harpies.''

''Then, of course, there's also Skylar, Triton, and Thorn,'' White smiled. ''Skylar is the leader of the Isle of Pegasi. Triton is the king of the Isle of Mermaids. Thorn is the queen of the Isle of Dryads.''

''You guys sure know some strange people,'' Gar says.

''Garfield,'' Ma'gann scolded.

White and Danny laughed, surprising them.

''You think we haven't heard that before,'' White laughed. ''That was basically and exact quote of when we introduced Roy to our friends.''

''I'd protest, but it's true,'' Roy shrugged.

Just then, a streak of blue started zooming around the room. When it entered, the room seemed to get colder. White's face lit up when he realized who it was.

''Should have known that he'd follow us here,'' the siren smiled.

''Who,'' Conner asked.

''My dragon,'' White answered.

The blur finally came to a stop next to them. An elegant dragon with bright blue and white scales. It was about three times their size. It had a body like a Chinese dragon mixed with a komodo dragon. It had dog-like legs, but with lizard claws. The dragon's wings were a combination of bird wings and bat wings. It's scales shined like gems.

The dragon then pounced on White like a dog would. It started licking his face, White laughing the whole time.

''What just happened,'' Jaime 'duh'ed.

''Guys, this is Winter, a Sapphire dragon and Siren's friend,'' Danny introduced. ''Siren found him when he was injured and healed him. Winter's been hooked to Siren ever since. Dragons tend to be some of the most loyal of all creatures.''

''Winter, I get that you missed me,'' White chuckled, the dragon finally allowing him up. ''Also, ew. You know that doesn't come out.''

He was trying his best to get the dragon saliva off of him.

''Dragons, sirens, ghosts, witches, harpies,'' Wally listed. ''What could possible be next on the list of fantasy creatures? Fairies and trolls.''

''I always did think that fairies were the cutest things that ever flew,'' White said.

''But then trolls have to go and be the bane of fairies, how annoying,'' Danny shook his head.

''They exist to,'' Gar smiled, jumping for joy.

''Of course they do,'' White says. ''Who else would live on the Isle of Fairies besides fairies?''

''But evil beings, like trolls or demons, stay in the Underworld or the Dark Forest,'' Danny told them. ''Trolls, the little pests. They're short, they're fast, and they're really annoying. They're basically a magical version of Wally.''

''Hey,'' the speedster protested, the rest of the team laughing.

The twins then noticed the missing ghost. They suspected that he would, once again, stick to them like glue once they entered the castle. They looked around, then decided to call their friend/bodyguard.

''Yo, Fright Knight, are you here or are you haunting somewhere else,'' Danny called.

''Ever hear of the silent protection,'' said a voice behind them.

He has extremely long purple hair and green eyes. His outfit consists of black full-body armor, with gray shoulder guards, purple cape, hood of fire, gray flaming gauntlets, and flaming boots. He wears a white skull at the center of his waist. A glowing green sword was in his hand.

''Now that takes the term, 'silent but deadly,' to a whole new level,'' White said, holding his heart.

''Have you been there the entire time,'' Danny asked.

''You always did say to be careful when your friends were around,'' Fright Knight says, making the twins smile.

''Guys, this is our friend and bodyguard, Fright Knight,'' Danny introduced. ''He was assigned to protect us when the royalty thing kicked in. He is known as the Spirit of Halloween.''

''If that isn't a tough opponent, I don't know what is,'' Dick says.

''It pleases me that your highness's have found you, Lord Nightwing,'' Fright Knight bowed.

''Uh... what,'' Dick 'duh'ed.

''You're our brother, so that makes you royalty to ghosts and sirens alike,'' White said. ''The only difference is, that we're gonna be kings, while you'll stay a prince.''

''Oh,'' was the only thing that Dick could get out.

''This just keep getting more and more interesting,'' Kaldur says.

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