Chapter 24: Red Huntress

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         The whole town was swarming with ghost guards. The Ghost Zone Police Department is the law enforcement team of the Ghost Zone. They serve as Walker's minions and prison guards. They were everywhere.

         They hadn't changed one bit. They had their ghostly police uniforms with green skin and green whips instead of legs. They had their ghostly night sticks and shields. There were like three dozen of them. They were causing people to panic all across the streets.

        ''What the heck is going on,'' Wally panicked.

         ''Walker,'' Danny said.

         ''Who,'' Jaime asked.

         ''The warden of the ghosts prison,'' White explained. ''He gives hefty punishments for small infractions. He controls these guards like an alpha wolf.''

         The police ghosts noticed them. A lot of them started floating their way. The team went into battle stances. When the guards got close, they attacked.

        Beast Boy changed into a monkey, jumping onto the first guard he saw. The guard then immediately panicked, trying to get him off his face. The rest of the team also started fighting the guards.

      ''Remember what we told yo about ghosts,'' White called. ''They don't know what you can do, and that's our biggest advantage.''

         Artemis and Red Arrow pulled out their hidden bows and quivers. Danny and White were curious where they even kept their quivers hidden, but decided to just go with it. They fired electrocution arrows to stun or knock out, then finished with a kick or punch.

        Artemis made a few mistakes when trying to use foam, net, or bola arrows. Even if they hit a ghost, they would just phase right through it. Red Arrow was definitely more experienced since his time in Amity Park over the years he knew the twins.

        Superboy was like a bowling ball in a bowling alley. He yelled as he charged a trio of ghosts and ran through them like a bowling ball doing a strike.

         ''They must never have heard of Kryptonians before,'' he smirked.

          He then saw Miss.Martian sending the ghosts flying with her telekinesis.

        ''Add martians to the list of people they never heard of,'' he said to himself.

          Kid Flash zig-zagged through the ghosts, avoiding them or charging into them. Blue Beetle was his armor's blasters to hit them right in the chest. He was fighting near where that guard was struggling with Beast Boy.

        The guard managed to throw the shapeshifter off of him, but his helmet came off in the process. His real face was covered in some type of green bumps. Beast Boy changed back, disturbed by the sight.

        ''That is seriously gross,'' he said.

         ''Got that right, hermano,'' Jaime agreed.

          There was then the sound of energy blasts from above them. They saw the Red Huntress flying above them, on her hover-board. She was blasting every ghost she saw. The guards could not keep up with her. They'd fall to her ghost rays before they even saw her coming. 

        A line of them aimed their night sticks at her. They fired five ecto-blasts at her at once. But a force field of pink energy formed around her, shielding her from the blasts. She zapped them all with her ghost stingers.

        ''Walker, come on out, you coward,'' she yelled.

         A larger ghost then appeared. He was twice the size as hi soldiers. He was in a white suit with thin black strips, black boots, and black gloves. He also had a black hat. His face was dead white with his entirely black eyes.

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