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Daughter of Superman by MadineLaneKent
Daughter of Supermanby Madine Lane Kent
An Alternate Universe where Superman had a daughter when was 21. Now she is a teenager who always wanted a brother, and won't let superman ignore superboy after hearing...
Are they hero's? (Ben 10 and Jl/YJ crossover) by Yachi2005
Are they hero's? (Ben 10 and Jl/ Yachi2005
What happens when the Ben 10 team fall through a portal during their fight with Vilgax and end up in another world with the Justice League and the Young Justice. But wha...
The Joker's Daughter by Zaratheknightwolf
The Joker's Daughterby Zaratheknightwolf
Her simile, her blue eyes, her raven hair, her grace. They're all beautiful. I fallen in love with the daughter of the Joker...... Robin has fallen in love with th...
Text of Fate [Aqualad Social Media Fanfiction] by Lizardgurl
Text of Fate [Aqualad Social Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
"Wait, you mean I've been texting AQUALAD?" In which the worst week of her life might not be the worst after all.
Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice) by PokemonDestiny
Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice)by Marissa
Blah blah blah Percy gets caught using healing powers somehow ends up with the League and then the Team. I'm really tired so I'll fix this when it isn't almost 1am
The Hard Way (A Female Percy Jackson/ Young Justice Crossover) by UnmotivatedButTrying
The Hard Way (A Female Percy Jane
Persephone Jackson just wanted a brief hiatus to rest and recover after the Second Giant War. Of course that was never possible because the fates hated her. The Young Ju...
Sword of The Lanterns by Lizardgurl
Sword of The Lanternsby Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
Jaina is an human alien. No one, not even the Guardians of the Universe, know where she is from. And she can't remember. Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart found...
Revelations [Rewritten Version of 'The Big Secret'] by Skater201
Revelations [Rewritten Version introverted_bun
[This is a rewritten version of my previous work 'The Big Secret'] Secrets are kept in a dark for a reason. After a mission, gone wrong one of Robin's greatest secrets a...
Young Justice Fanfiction: Part of a Team by Lachiquis1195
Young Justice Fanfiction: Part Lachiquis1195
Alejandra was abandoned when she was a baby. She was sent to an orphanage. As she grew, she began to get these strange abilities. Alejandra after a time of struggles, is...
I Will Always Protect You  by LadyNoir303
I Will Always Protect You by LadyNoir303
My Nightmare (Nightwing/Dick Grayson) by cuddles2405
My Nightmare (Nightwing/Dick Crystal Do
I AM WORKING ON EDITING IT!!! SO DO NOT MURDER ME FOR MISTAKES!!! ____________________________________________________________________ Serena has been under the league's...
Poison Love (Young Justice, Super Boy Fan Fiction) by OtakuQueen95
Poison Love (Young Justice, Rachel
We've seen the children and 'sidekicks' of all the Justice League join the Young Justice league but what about the children of the villains. This is my idea for what ha...
Hey Birdie by Dam_Im_whelmed
Hey Birdieby Dam_Im_whelmed
FemPercy and Young Justice crossover. Why is Percy living with Bruce Wayne? What is her relationship with the Prince of Gotham and his son, Richard Grayson?
A Hollow Mountain by GingerbreadHalfblood
A Hollow Mountainby Ginger
Percy's parents die (Sorry) and he is left alone to take care of Estelle. Until he turns 18, in three months, he cannot become Estelle's guardian. So Percy turns to Paul...
Aqualad (Young Justice) x reader | Princess of Vlatava by thorins_queen
Aqualad (Young Justice) x reader | Queen Under the Mountain
When you join the Team, you and Kaldur become close, but he still doesn't know you're biggest secret
The Tale of Black Jaguar (Young Justice Fanfic) by Black-Jaguar
The Tale of Black Jaguar (Young Layla Kage
Layla kage is a young girl who's parents died when she was little. actually, they were killed. who is the culprit you ask? Well, it was the dangerous ninja clan know as...
The Lost Grayson (Young Justice)  by Nightingale_grayson
The Lost Grayson (Young Justice) by Nightingale
Forgotten to time, he'd thought he'd never see her again. Fleeing from her life of torture, she'd thought she was alone. But when the two find each other again, can th...
Young Justice Oneshots. by AmidReader
Young Justice Jennifer Lennon
A bunch of cute, funny, romantic, one shots of Young Justice. Request are open and I am willing to do OTP oneshots as well. Enjoy.
Double Trouble by scatteredbeans
Double Troubleby beans
((Young Justice//Maximoff Twin cross over)) Twin meta teens Pietro and Wanda Maximoff have no one in the world but each other and they would do anything to stick togethe...
I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x YJ) by acrazedwriter
I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy Ms. Bookworm
Persephone 'Percy' Jackson. A simple name in the mortal world. In the godly world, not so much. In the godly world Percy Jackson was famous, praised, and adored. Why? Sh...