Chapter 31: House Of LeFey

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           Some members of the league had joined the team in the cave. Batman, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, Black Canary, Red Tornado, and even Dr.Fate. They were all quite curious on why they were there. Though, Batman still had on his emotionless scowl. 

           They were all curious about why the team had requested them to be there. The rest of the league was out on other missions. What seemed the most shocking, to them, was the other siren floating in the room. Batman, and the other mentors, knew about their trip to the ghost zone. They just didn't think they'd bring back a friend.

          But something they all noticed was the shakiness of the siren and three of their proteges. Phantom, Siren, and Huntress were all on edge. Batman was first to speak up.

          ''Talk, now,'' he ordered.

          ''And please start with the floating garden girl,'' Flash injected into the conversation.

           ''Hello, members of the Justice League,'' Lena bowed. ''My name is Lena, and i'm the siren of nature. One of the most trusted advisers to Prince Siren.''

           ''Shouldn't you be with your prince, then,'' Canary asked.

            ''Technically, she is,''  White chuckled. ''The siren prince she's talking about. Yeah, that would be me.''

            The league members all looked really shocked. And, for once, Flash was at a loss for words. Batman even had a slightly shocked expression, for about two seconds.

            ''Not only that, but I also happen to be the prince of the Ghost Zone,'' Danny told them.

          That was almost sent the league over the edge in weird things found out in a single day. Not that they hadn't expected it. But they really needed them to get over it so they could get down to business.

          ''We get that it's a bit shocking, but we have some more important matters to get to,'' Jaime said.

           ''You kept this from us, why,'' Canary questioned.

           ''We didn't keep it from you, it just never came up,'' Danny says. ''We've been a little busy, anyway. You know: being kidnapped, Siren being poisoned, fighting ghosts, invading weapons factories, dealing with a fruit-loop and a siren fraud. You really think that we had any time for a heart to heart with anyone with all that going on.''

           The league seemed to accept that.

           ''Glad to see four years didn't downgrade his sarcasm,'' Valerie whispered to Siren, who had to hold in his laughter.

           ''Why have we been summoned to the cave,'' Red Tornado asked.

           ''To help save magic,'' White told them. ''Lena.''

           She called her projection flowers again. Images of the five weapons appeared around the platform.

         ''Behold, the Weapons of the Ancients,'' Lena explained. ''Five all powerful objects that each hold tremendous magic. Even alone, they can topple an empire. Your enemies have decided to use these to get an edge on magic users. A fight fire with fire type of thing. Thy think that they can use these to keep us at bay when they go after the Mystic Heart. If they get their hands on these weapons, it could mean the end of magic.''

          ''Ironic, using magic to destroy magic,'' Flash said, then got elbowed in the ribs by Green Arrow.

           ''We'll do what we can to help,'' Martian Manhunter said.

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