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Robin's Past by miagirl33
Robin's Pastby Ashboy
In young justice Robin knows everything about them. In return they know nothing about him. Throughout their team and all they know about each other they get to know the...
The Intruder by Icey5105
The Intruderby Life Hates on Icey
Uses Young Justice script from IAmTheLastDragonLord (from archive of our own). "You're not here to let me go, are you?" "No." Batman answered anyway...
Baby Justice by Supernerd17
Baby Justiceby Supernerd17
When the team faces the witch boy Klarion they end up being turned into toddlers but could this be part of some plan that the league of justice is unaware of. A story of...
Star of the Cosmos by Relatable_ruler
Star of the Cosmosby Relatable_ruler
Captain Atom, a renowned member of Earth's Justice League. Has followed the example of some of his league mates, taking on a protege of his own. Claire Bowen, now known...
Karma (Avengers/Young Justice crossover) by vonsphinx
Karma (Avengers/Young Justice Angel of Death
Carmen is the daughter of Thor, but she is also known as a very powerful sorceress. She is asked to fight on Tony's side, against Steve. In the midst of battle she falls...
Wonder~ A Young Justice Fanfiction by _TeenTitans_
Wonder~ A Young Justice Fanfictionby _TeenTitans_
A young girl with a heart of gold and an indomitable will to match it is molded out of clay, and is placed into young Diana's arms just like she was years ago. However t...
Always Answer The Phone by Disco_Wing
Always Answer The Phoneby Rachel
You know, you never really notice what you have til it's gone. Everyone's trust, that's what I lost...but please, answer the phone...I'm sorry...
Birdflash Okay? by Red--Robin
Birdflash Okay?by Meme God
"Still confused huh?" Richards shifted his chair closer to Wally so their sides were brushing against eachother. Blush crept onto Wally's face and he could hav...
A Favor by Lycanpire
A Favorby Lycanpire
When Wonder Woman kidnaps Percy from his night in, what will happen? How will Percy find himself on the Team? Will Percy reveal who he is to his teammates? Will he inadv...
Young Justice Deaged by Morally_Gray
Young Justice Deagedby Grayson
I just wanted wholesome deage content, but there haven't been any of these since, like 2016, so I'll do it myself. Pretty self-explanatory, the original six are deaged...
Broken: A young justice fanfiction. by DragonNerd3
Broken: A young justice gay on main
My name is Jasmine Todd, but my teammates know me as Phantom. I have been in captivity since my fake death Two years ago. And I just found out my twin Brother died. Oh...
Zephyr: A Young Justice OC fanfiction by bornevilwritings
Zephyr: A Young Justice OC Cassi Hope
Lina Dubois. Your typical 16, year old teenage French girl: shy, quiet, socially awkward, a little on the clumsy side. Except there is one thing that's a little abnormal...
Birdflash One-Shots by meefo12
Birdflash One-Shotsby birdflashtrash
Just a bunch of one-shots of Birdflash. Requests are open! I don't own the characters or pictures. Warning: Mild language.
𝐇𝐘𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐄𝐃 - kid flash x OC by Aesthebih
Elias Burner was just an ordinary girl in a world of super heroes, until a deadly lab accident changed her life forever. After that night, she found she had acquired the...
Angel of Darkness (Young Justice Fanfiction) by angelofadarksoul3340
Angel of Darkness (Young Justice Angel Flame
Do you think you know everything about the Young Justice League? What about the story of Angel? Angel wasn't always called Angel, her name once was Carol Johnson. She wa...
(On Hold) Daughter Of Clark Kent by corrie137
(On Hold) Daughter Of Clark Kentby Corrie Herschel
I suck at descriptions, just read the first chapter, to see what you think.
Dick Grayson one-shots by FanFicEnby1919
Dick Grayson one-shotsby FanFicEnby1919
Batfam and Birdflash, Brothers and Bothers. Teams and Missions. Criminals and Villians. Cops and Vigilantes. All One shots about the original boy wonder Dick Grayson aka...
Save The B(r)ats by scatteredbeans
Save The B(r)atsby beans
In which Bruce Wayne calls upon the Young Justice team to save his seven children who were kidnapped by a group of rogues who are threatening to kill one every six hours...
Is it Love? (Flash x Reader) by thatflashwriter
Is it Love? (Flash x Reader)by thatflashwriter
You were the Flash on Earth 5 when suddenly a man named Barry Allen appeared, he was stuck on Earth 5 trying to get home . Years later your earth is destroyed and you ne...
Enchantress ; young justice by selinqkyle
Enchantress ; young justiceby emily ⭐️
❝So, this girl, she plays people's mind?❞ ❝She can read your mind and change it to whatever she wants you to see, so yeah, she's a real keeper.❞ ❝Awesome. Just what this...