Chapter 34: Sun Rage And Moon Wrath

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           ''Did I hear that right,'' Conner raised an eyebrow.

           ''Yes, you did,'' Alain said. ''I'm the guardian of the silver bow of Artemis, and also the werewolf of the two of us.''

            ''And also a huge pain in the derriere,'' Caitlin rolled her eyes. ''I'm the guardian of Apollo's golden bow and our island's resident cat creature. Though, I do prefer were-cat.''

          ''Do you need anything, Roy,'' Alain asked the archer. ''Cause I know that this isn't a social call from how you brought three other heroes with you.''

           ''This is Superboy, Martian Manhunter, and Red Tornado,'' Roy introduced. ''We came because some of the villains we go against are after the Weapons of the Ancients. Lena, and a few more of our friends, have already secured Excalibur.''

           ''Good, because the last thing we need is another Arthur incident,'' Caitlin said. ''I still feel bad that Juliet and Mason have to live for eternity with people thinking that their mother's evil.''

          ''Nothing we can do about it, now,'' Roy told her. ''Mostly because we are 500 years too late and changing the timeline would create world wide chaos.''

          ''More like history wide chaos,'' Alain joked.

           ''You really are chosen by Apollo,'' Roy shook his head.

           ''Mind some explaining,'' Tornado roboticly requested.

         ''Well, neither twin god wants to get on the bad side of the other, so they chose the guardian for the other, knowing that if they made the wrong choice, bad things would happen,'' Caitlin explained. ''So Artemis chose me to guard for Apollo while Apollo chose Alain to guard for Artemis. We also received the blessing of the gods that we were chosen for so we could have bit more power.''

         ''So we got an element that related to the sun or moon,'' Alain took over. ''As I am the guardian for the silver moon bow, I can control ice and snow. Caitlin is the guardian of the gold sun bow, so she can manipulate light. Magic has it's perks.''

          ''I like them,'' Conner said. ''And that's hard to do.''

          ''Follow us,'' Caitlin directed.

            The four heroes followed the two animal hybrids. It was still pretty hard to believe how they were walking with a werewolf and were-cat. Though, what could surprise them after ghosts, sirens, dragons, witches, yetis, and fairy tales.

         ''Roy,'' Alain asks, looking at the archer with hope. ''Did you find them?''

         Caitlin instantly froze, how ironic. She was very good friends with Phantom and Siren. It was hard for the two to discover that the two were missing. Mostly Alain, as he was like a brother to them.

          ''We did,'' Roy smiled. ''Phantom and Gold Siren are safe and sound.''

          The faces of the were-creatures lit up with happiness, Alain nearly fainting from the news. They've waited four years to hear those words.

           ''Please tell me that you're not kidding,'' Alain said. ''We've waited four years to hear that they're safe.''

           ''We got them, I swear,'' Roy told them. ''The Guys In White had them in their facility. Their own parents experimented on them. But they're fine now. They've gotten over the pain and are happy with the team.''

           ''They did what,'' Alain growled, his hair turning slightly more white as he got his wolf fangs out.

           ''You can kill them later, Alain,'' Caitlin told her fellow guardian. ''We don't need Winter Wraith coming out, right now.''

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