Chapter 11: We Are An Army

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         ''Leave us alone, please,'' Danny pleaded.

          ''Let us go,'' White pleaded. ''We didn't do anything.''

        The Fentons had set up the room as an ambush. There were collars around their necks, their powers now useless. They had small wounds from the anti-magic blasts that had knocked them out.

        Their former parents were trying to drag the twin heroes toward a dark van to take them back to the Guys In White. But the two had finally been freed, and no way in hell were they about to go back to the one place in the world they hated the most.

        ''You freaks aren't escaping this time,'' Jack says.

         ''We didn't do anything to you,'' White says. ''Why are you doing this to us?''

        ''Because you're monsters,'' Maddie insulted. ''And all monsters need to be locked away and the keys thrown out the window.''

         ''We aren't the monsters here, you are,'' Danny glared.

        Maddie forced his arm behind his back. His wrist and hand almost between his shoulder blades, causing extra pain.

        ''Stop,'' White yelled. ''AH.''

        Jack had hit him across the face, making him fall to the ground. The adults held the two kids very firmly. They weren't gonna let them go again without a fight. Just because they hated them, doesn't mean they were gonna let their two favorite torture victims slip away a second time.

         ''Both of you, shut up,'' Maddie screamed at them. ''Muzzle them so we don't have to hear them.''

          Jack pulled out two muzzles with his free hand. But before they could do anything, one of bird-a-rangs came out of nowhere and pinned them to the van. The adults held onto the teens with more force. Nightwing approached them, looking really pissed.

        ''You two are going to let them go, or things are going to get ugly,'' he threatened.

        ''Relax, teen hero,'' Jack said. ''We have these creatures under control.''

         ''I wasn't talking to them,'' Dick growled. ''They are living and breathing people, not science experiments. You two let them go, right now.''

         ''Do you have any idea what these two even are,'' Maddie asked him. ''They can wipe out anyone they wish with a wave of their hand. They need to be locked away to keep the human race safe.''

          ''They don't want to destroy anyone,'' Dick says. ''You cause them great pain because of things that you believe. Ever thought that, maybe, you were wrong.''

        ''We don't cause them anything,'' Maddie said. ''We can't cause what they don't feel. They don't feel pain, or any human emotions. They are cold-blooded killing machines that deserve to die.''

         ''What is wrong with you,'' Dick asks. ''You were supposed to raise them as their parents, but instead you torture them in spite of years of parenthood. If anyone deserves to die, it's you not them.''

         Water came rushing at the two. The scientists were both knocked away from Danny and White. The twins fell onto the ground, dazed by the assault. Aqualad had joined the party.

        ''It appears that the diplomatic approach didn't work,'' Kaldur says.

        ''And here I thought that my brothers were the stubborn ones,'' Dick said.

        They ran to their friends, helping them sit up.

         ''Get them off, get them off,'' White pleaded.

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