Chapter 62: Mess With A Vampire, You Get The Fangs

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"I keep forgetting that Frostbite is a yeti," Ethan says.

"How could you possibly forget," Sarah asked, her eyebrow raised.

"Between always trying to get blood, mutant alligators, zombie puppies, a cheerleader witch, and that rouge siren, you try remembering every little thing," Ethan crossed his arms.

"You call Frostbite being a yeti a little thing," Erica asked, smirking.

"Compared to everything else in our lives, it most certainly is," Ethan argued.

The three were standing in the main hall of Dracula's castle back in Transylvania. Frostbite and his army of Far Frozen yeti came with them. The king of vampires, himself, then walked up to them.

"Are you three sure about these yeti," Dracula asked them. "Most ghosts don't take to kindly to us vampires because we are dead, like them, but we can still pass as human."

"Most of us can, anyway," Sarah countered. "Yourself and the shadow vampires are doomed to forever look inhuman."

Dracula glared at the dark skinned girl, who just innocently twirled her hair in her hand.

"And here I thought that it was Erica that mostly pisses people off," Ethan snickered.

"And I enjoy doing it," Erica smirked. "Sarah, don't go taking my job."

Dracula just decided to ignore that.

"I'm still finding it hard to believe that Phantom and Gold Siren are so willing to go with a 'kill or be killed' plan," Dracula crosses his arms. "Gold Siren, after all, is the siren of pure heart."

"I think whatever mercy they had left in them was quite literally tortured out of them," Sarah says. "I'd have no mercy left either."

"Next time you see those boys, tell them the vampire community send them support," Dracula tells the trio. "As much support as we can for being with no souls."

"Truthfully, it actually could have been worse," Ethan said.

"What," Erica gasped. "Siren was hit by literal ectoranium sound waves. And should I even remind you about the circle of blood blossoms that nearly killed Phantom the rest of the way."

"Things can always be worse," Ethan stated. "When we went to rescue them, we could have been forced to go through a set of traps straight out of the movie series 'Saw."

"He's, kind of, got a point there," Sarah shrugged.

"You've been spending too much him, his geekiness is rubbing off on you," Erica huffed.

"One, he's my boyfriend," Sarah says. "And two, what girl doesn't love a good horror movie so she can send time with her man."

"And, i'm officially disturbed," Dracula shook his head. "Congratulations, girls. You managed to do the one thing nobody has been able to do in over a thousand years."

He walked away, and the three went over to see how Frostbite was doing with his army.

"Anything yet, Frostbite," Ethan asked the yeti chief.

"The Great Ones we're correct about the dangers of that organization," Frostbite says. "The vampire scouts have informed by warriors that there is a large number of them approaching the area."

"Seriously," Ethan complained. "How many of these agents are there? It's like they're literally coming out of a factory somewhere."

"We'll need every vampire and yeti we can get," Sarah said.

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