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Robin's Allergies (A Young Justice Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
Robin's Allergies (A Young Justice...by MolMcN
Robin has allergies that the team doesn't know about. What else will they learn from this incident? (I do not own the cover)
Jester by munch1111
Jesterby munch1111
Jessica Terley and Dick Grayson were practically raised together in the circus. He blames her in part for his parents death since she could have saved them. She is shut...
Original (Roy Harper x OC) by vonsphinx
Original (Roy Harper x OC)by Angel of Death
Young Justice Fanfic After her first mission is successful, everything goes down hill. She loses her best friend, meets clones, gets dragged back to her home planet, gai...
Bluejay: The Protégé of Black Canary by supergirl501
Bluejay: The Protégé of Black Cana...by supergirl501
A Young Justice and Dick Grayson fanfic. The accident left Jackie Hamilton's life in shambles, leaving her with an oddly specific internal warning system, and a father...
The Other Clone by NerdyFangirl146
The Other Cloneby Demigod Girl
What if Superboy wasn't the only clone Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad found when they snuck into Cadmus? What is the Big Blue Boy Scout wasn't the only Leaguer with a clo...
I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x YJ) by acrazedwriter
I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x...by Ms. Bookworm
Persephone 'Percy' Jackson. A simple name in the mortal world. In the godly world, not so much. In the godly world Percy Jackson was famous, praised, and adored. Why? Sh...
Spirit (Young Justice Fan Fic): COMPLETED by maricwrites
Spirit (Young Justice Fan Fic): CO...by Mari C
Two years ago, Marie was ripped away from her universe, her home, and her family. Marie was then dropped into Earth 16, where she was found by Hal Jordan, a Green Lanter...
Wonder~ A Young Justice Fanfiction by _TeenTitans_
Wonder~ A Young Justice Fanfictionby _TeenTitans_
A young girl with a heart of gold and an indomitable will to match it is molded out of clay, and is placed into young Diana's arms just like she was years ago. However t...
Young Justice Miss Martian x male Ben 10 reader by Spectrum234
Young Justice Miss Martian x male...by Spectrum234
you were given the omnitrix at the age of 10 and your mentor is non other than Green Lantern Hal Jordan and your omnitrix is different than the normal one
The Original Six - Young Justice One-Shots by WallyandDick
The Original Six - Young Justice O...by Summer Snow
Just some cute Fluff/Angst from our favorite sideki... Sorry Proteges.
The Superior Spider-Man of Young Justice by Jp721jr
The Superior Spider-Man of Young J...by Jp721jr
Years ago, Dr. Otto Octavius was a brilliant scientist working for Oscorp. After a lab accident, four mechanical arms he created to help with his experiments became bond...
Young Justice: Red Rage (Miss Martian x OC) by GuardianAngel2005
Young Justice: Red Rage (Miss Mart...by GuardianAngel2005
Batman has Robin. Flash has Kid Flash. Green Arrow had Speedy and then Artemis. Superman has Superboy wheater he likes it or not. Aquaman has Aqualad... What about Green...
Riptide (on hiatus) by BTSgirl-Artemisia
Riptide (on hiatus)by ArtiARMY
Her past was something she could never bring herself to talk about, in fact, she can't even think about it. The trip to the deepest part of the underworld changed her fo...
Babysitting the Wayne's?! by jaylyn_1112
Babysitting the Wayne's?!by Justarandomwriter
Batman and the Justice league are going on an off earth mission; Alfred's sick and Bruce has no idea what to do with his kid's, he know's if he leaves them alone when he...
{DISCONTINUED} The Devil of Young Justice (Son of Daredevil OC) by LastOfTrenzalore
{DISCONTINUED} The Devil of Young...by LastOfTrenzalore
Ryan Murdock is the son and sidekick of esteemed lawyer and controversial Justice Leaguer, Matt Murdock/Daredevil. He and three other "sidekicks": Robin, Kid F...
The Prince delivered my mail?! by highnonsenselogic
The Prince delivered my mail?!by highnonsenselogic
Conner from Young Justice meets merman!Percy Jackson and has trouble not to fall off his rock or Percy offers to deliver a letter from Kaldur's Mum on his way back to Ne...
A Siren's Call [Young Justice] by septic-stories
A Siren's Call [Young Justice]by septic-stories
Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad weren't the only ones to go to Cadmus. Siren, sister of Black Canary, went along for the ride as well, but little did she know her life as...
A Hero or a Talon? by DC_lover
A Hero or a Talon?by DC_lover
After the death of his parents, Dick Grayson is taken in by his Uncle and trained to be a Talon. He has been training and preparing for four years of his life, and he on...
Next Gen: Young Justice x Naruto OC by shadowwings1
Next Gen: Young Justice x Naruto OCby shadowwings1
When you have a long and proud history of historically celebrated shinobi as your ancestors and it's your turn to take up the mantle, what would you do? A young kunoich...
A Hollow Mountain by GingerbreadRunsAway
A Hollow Mountainby Ginger
Percy's parents die (Sorry) and he is left alone to take care of Estelle. Until he turns 18, in three months, he cannot become Estelle's guardian. So Percy turns to Paul...