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I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x YJ) by Percabethshipper1208
I Thought It Was Over (Fem!Percy x...by Percabethshipper1208
Persephone 'Percy' Jackson. A simple name in the mortal world. In the godly world, not so much. In the godly world Percy Jackson was famous, praised, and adored. Why? Sh...
  • wallywest
  • percyjackson
  • meganmorse
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Lethal Weapon [PJO/YJ] by euphoricsenses
Lethal Weapon [PJO/YJ]by ❝ HIATUS ❞
One would think if Percy would be put in a hero or villain situation, she would choose hero, right? Wrong. Sometimes everything is too much, and that's how Panther was b...
  • wallywest
  • wattys2018
  • kaldur
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Billionaires daughter ~ young justice fanfic ~ by gravitysuniverse
Billionaires daughter ~ young just...by gravitysuniverse
Alfred opens the door of the famous Wayne manor When he finds a basket with a baby inside Her name is Crystal and her mother is none other than Thalia Al Ghul Bruce kno...
  • robin
  • artemis
  • timdrake
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Avatar ⟶ Young Justice by dcmultiverse
Avatar ⟶ Young Justiceby 𝒎𝒂𝒓
❝ You must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, as mysterious as the dark side of the moon and...
  • supergirl
  • missmartian
  • dickgrayson
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How To Guess  a Robin's Identity by RedRobyn2
How To Guess a Robin's Identityby RedRobyn2
When Batman gives Robin (Dick Grayson) the Okay to tell the team his identity, he decides to let them try and guess it which results in a lot of trolling. Starts of with...
  • humour
  • dickgrayson
  • justiceleague
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Secret Identity (A Young justice Fanfiction) by MolMcN
Secret Identity (A Young justice F...by MolMcN
After the Death of the Flying Graysons, Richard Grayson is missing. Batman goes to investigate Tony Zucco and meets a young vigilante going by, Robin. Batman and Robin t...
  • wallywest
  • aqualad
  • dickgrayson
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Text of Fate [Aqualad Social Media Fanfiction] by Lizardgurl
Text of Fate [Aqualad Social Media...by Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
"Wait, you mean I've been texting AQUALAD?" In which the worst week of her life might not be the worst after all.
  • socialmedia
  • missmartian
  • text
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Young Justice: Solstice by Lizardgurl
Young Justice: Solsticeby Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
Lots of people are afraid of the dark. I am too. But now, I don't have to be afraid anymore. {SolsticexAqualad} [I do not own DC Comics] [A/N I do most of my research...
  • guardian
  • rememberthename
  • strongfemalecharacters
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Fem. percy meets yj by deckocarlla
Fem. percy meets yjby deckocarlla
percy jackson just came out of the giant war, the pain of losing her friends are haunting her and her cousin Nico. Now there's a bunch of people wearing spandex in front...
  • robin
  • superboy
  • missmartian
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Green Lantern's Protégée by TheSpiffyWriter
Green Lantern's Protégéeby TheSpiffyWriter
Hal Jordan, one of the Green Lanterns and member of the Justice League, was chosen long ago by a cosmic ring to protect Earth. Now, it's his turn to mentor a protégée. C...
  • greenlanterncorps
  • wally
  • featured
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▹Scarlet Witch | Young Justice  by Msfluffyunicorn2
▹Scarlet Witch | Young Justice by Msfluffyunicorn2
▹ A Mutant arrives on Earth 1 to explore it but is recruited on a team of young heroes | Young Justice ▹ S2 |
  • witch
  • kidflash
  • aqualad
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Young Phantom by DemonOfADiamond
Young Phantomby DemonOfADiamond
Daniel Fenton, or Grayson, was captured by the Guys In White, or the GIW when he was fourteen. He escaped there after two years and now is sixteen. Danny is currently hi...
  • kidflash
  • tucker
  • dani
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Sword of The Lanterns by Lizardgurl
Sword of The Lanternsby Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
Jaina is an human alien. No one, not even the Guardians of the Universe, know where she is from. And she can't remember. Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart found...
  • youngjediknights
  • missmartian
  • starwars
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Catgirl:Broken(Nightwing)*UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by Brooklyn_Writes
Catgirl:Broken(Nightwing)*UNDER MA...by Brooklyn_Writes
Highest rankings: #2 Dick Grayson #2 dccomics #3 Nightwing #4 Batman #2 Catgirl #6 Catwoman #11 league #3 superboy Catgirl was raised by the one and only Catwoman...
  • aqualad
  • catgirl
  • robin
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Whelmed//Young Justice by BirdflashBaby
Whelmed//Young Justiceby ~KJ~
The team has a new mission... Protect Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne from a hunter... And from killing eachother
  • dickgrayson
  • batman
  • missmartian
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Phantom Music by WinterWolf-99
Phantom Musicby White Wolf
Separated from their brother, Dick, when they were six, White and Danny never knew that the Fentons had kidnapped them. But when you're a ghost boy and a siren, things h...
  • mysticisles
  • aqualad
  • youngjustice
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Young Justice Texts and Memes by ItsYaBoiArchiee
Young Justice Texts and Memesby Camerooon
Cartoon Network basically sucks for killing off the only Teenage Superhero Team that I liked besides Teen Titans (And not the new Teen Titans Go crap... I don't swing th...
  • artemis
  • youngjustice
  • dickgrayson
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The Masked Speedster ▪⚜▪ Kid Flash x Reader by FalconDanceArtists
The Masked Speedster ▪⚜▪ Kid Flash...by Reeal
Moving, that's always fun, Not. Moving means new school, new friends, new cute guys, it was overwhelming, until you met a boy that would change you and your powers for t...
  • kidflashxreader
  • batman
  • mgann
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Babysitting the Wayne's?! by jaylyn_1112
Babysitting the Wayne's?!by jaylyn_1112
Batman and the Justice league are going on an off earth mission; Alfred's sick and Bruce has no idea what to do with his kid's, he know's if he leaves them alone when he...
  • birdflash
  • jaytim
  • tim
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Project AE (Young Justice) by Becky2100
Project AE (Young Justice)by Becky2100
Read to find out.
  • powers
  • missmartian
  • kidflash
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