Chapter 12: The Ghost Zone

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          The rest of the team ran onto the street. The carnage and destruction around them scared them silly. But the state that White was in terrified them.

         ''What happened here,'' Ma'gann asked.

         ''I'll explain things later, but Gold Siren needs help now,'' Dick panicked.

         ''Oh dios mío,'' Jaime swore in Spanish. ''What's wrong with him?''

       ''Someone shot him and the bullet was poisoned,'' Danny said. ''Blood Blossoms are now in his system.''

      ''What are Blood Blossoms,'' Conner asked.

       ''Rare flowers from our world,'' Danny explained. ''They're poisonous to supernatural beings and creatures. Once the blossoms reach his heart, he'll...''

        He couldn't finish his sentence. He held White's hand as the tears streamed down his face.

        ''We need to save him,'' Dick says. ''Little brother, there has to be a cure.''

        ''There wasn't one until me and one of my friends created it,'' Danny said. ''For the love of the Ghost Zone that's it.''

         ''Mind cluing us in,'' Wally requested, annoyed.

        ''Frostbite,'' Danny said. ''We need to get Siren to the Ghost Zone and to him. He's the one with the antidote.''

         ''Can we trust him,'' Kaldur asked.

         ''He's a great mentor, and a dear friend,'' Danny told them. ''We need him.''

         ''How do we even get to the Ghost Zone,'' Jaime asked.

         ''Another of our mentors taught me how to open portals between our worlds,'' Danny explained. ''It takes up a lot of my strength, but it's our only shot.''

        Superboy and Aqualad picked White up, carrying him to the bio-ship. But then Kid Flash started his usual babble about science.

        ''So, we're banking on an imaginary world to find an antidote to a poison that only hurt fake creatures,'' he says, stupidly.

         Nightwing got in his face about this. He is so tall that he can intimidate anyone, except Superboy and Aqualad for obvious reasons.

         ''My brother is dying,'' he growled. ''So for once in your life, shut your mouth so we can find their friend and save him. And keep your opinions out of this.''

        Nightwing left him gawking so that he could be next to White. The rest of the team was shocked. Kid was his best friend and they had never seen him like this. Maybe having his twin brothers around had the two showing their true colors. And Nightwing's protective instincts were taking over. 

        ''I'm really starting to hate these two freaks,'' Wally thought.

         Miss.Martian stood at the controls while the rest of the team. Red Arrow was in the back, setting up the weapons. Nightwing was still with White, cleaning the gun shot.

         ''I'll create the portal, Ma'gann,'' Danny says. ''Just fly in. But I do have to warn you, the Ghost Zone can be a pretty confusing place.''

         Danny put his arms out. He put all his concentration into forming a gate between Earth and the Ghost Zone. His hands and eyes glowed green. In front of the ship, outside, a swirl of green smoke started forming. It swirled into a circle. The team started to notice that the bigger the portal got, the more pale Danny seemed to get. The hole finally got big enough for the bio-ship to get through.

         ''Go,'' Danny ordered. ''I can't hold this for long.''

         Miss.Martian floored it, and the bio-ship flew through the portal. They were surrounded by green and black swirls. The ship came to a stop, the portal now behind them. Danny collapsed onto the floor, the portal closing.

         ''You okay, Phantom,'' Ma'gann asked.

        ''I'll be fine,'' Danny says, taking a seat. ''Welcome to the Ghost Zone, teen heroes.''

         Their jaws dropped as they stared out the windows. The whole place was like an infinite space of green and black swirls in the sky. There were islands of floating rocks all around them. Every now and again, a green streak passed by the window. Danny and White's second home.

        ''Wow,'' was all they could say.

         ''Knew you'd react like that,'' Danny smirked.

        ''So this is where you go when you die,'' Gar said.

         ''Only if you have unfinished business,'' Danny explained. ''Most ghosts here have obsessions that will never subside, so they'll be here forever. Most are for the ghosts that had violent deaths. Some have been here since Medieval times. Some even from ancient Greece.''

         ''What about your death,'' Artemis asked.

         ''Beware, most ghosts will kill you if you ask about their death,'' Danny informed. ''It's a sore spot. 

          ''For people that are dead, how could being dead be a sore spot,'' Wally asked.

         They all glared at him.

       ''My death was more on the quick, but extremely painful side,'' Danny ignore them. ''To make things as simple as possible, I was electrocuted. I hate technical portals.'' 

        ''You must have seriously had a hero complex to if you're a hero ghost,'' Artemis mumbled.

         Danny spun his chair around, glaring at her with glowing green eyes.

         ''Say that again, I dare you,'' he growled.

        He definitely scared her into silence. In the back, Nightwing was doing his best to help his brother. He dabbed a wet cloth on his head as White was sweating. 

        ''You'll be okay,'' he says. ''We'll save you. I promise. I can't, and won't, lose you again.''

         He saw some red veins appearing on the right side of his neck. 

         ''Dear god,'' Dick swore.

          He took off White's shirt, to check out the rest of the the poison. He had gotten used to seeing White's ''Y'' shaped scar, but it still scared him. He saw the red veins starting to come around his side. It hadn't gotten to his stomach or chest yet, which relieved him a little bit.

       ''It was lucky that shot was on your right side, so it will take longer for the poison to reach your heart,'' Dick says to himself.

         ''What the hell,'' Roy gasped, dropping his bow.

        ''Roy, how long have you been standing there,'' Dick asked.

         ''What happened to White,'' Roy asked, ignoring Nightwing's question.

         ''Say what,'' Dick swore. ''You know my brother?''

         ''You have brothers,'' Roy asked.


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