Chapter 39: The Eternal Spring

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           Gold Siren, Nightwing, Aqualad, and Superman all landed hard in the middle of a forest. To Aqualad, it seemed a bit strange. As they were going after a trident. Why were they on land to go after an artifact of the sea?

         ''Uh, where are we,'' Superman asked, instantly.

          ''If i'm not mistaken, and I rarely am, we're somewhere on the outskirts of San Francisco,'' White said.

         ''How can you be sure,'' Kaldur asks.

         ''I have some witch friends that live here, so just sensing their magic tells me where we are,'' White explained. ''That, and I also know which part of the world each of the weapons are. The vampire's breath in Transylvania.  The scepter in Spain. The bows on Delos, near Greece. And Camelot is somewhere near Rome.''

          ''Seems a little strange, though,'' Dick says. ''We're here to look for a trident, yet we're in a forest. On dry land. I was expecting to go to Atlantis or Poseidonis.''

          ''Well, this artifact needed more protection,'' White said. ''It is not just a trident. It's thee trident. Poseidon's trident. The most powerful of all the Weapons of the Ancients.''

         ''How is the trident the strongest of the weapons,'' Superman asked.

       ''Each of the artifacts are strong in their own way,'' White explains. ''The vampire's breath can cause eternal night and a vampire apocalypse. The Scepter of Light bends light and can bring all secrets to the light. The bows harness the power of the sun and the moon. Excalibur's a weapon beyond most approach. But the trident is so much more. Water, in any shape or form, is dangerous. The trident can harness its power. Command the ocean, control weather, even stop the blood flow in a human body. Not to mention all the disasters water can bring. Rainstorms, hurricanes... even tidal waves.''

         ''And that alone gives us incentive to get to it first,'' Dick said.

          ''I suspect that it's well hidden,'' Kaldur guesses.

         ''In plain sight,'' White smirked.

           ''I don't get it,'' Superman admitted.

           ''It's magic, you only have to go with it, no need to 'get it,'' White chuckled.

         He began to walk through the forest, the other three heroes following. As they went through the woods, Superman floated up and landed close to Siren.

        ''I see you around the cave more, trying to get to know Conner,'' White said to him. ''Good for you. He may not show it, but he's ecstatic about finally having a bond with you.''

      ''We only have you to thank,'' Superman says. ''You talked some sense into me and I definitely want to thank you.''

       ''The love was always there, it just needed a little help to come out,'' White told him. ''Me and Phantom were experimented on by our own parents, and I didn't want Conner to have to deal with that  kind of heartbreak.''

          ''And it did help that your brother had a clone of himself so you could relate it to us,'' Superman chuckled.

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