Chapter 22: Freedom

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         ''What are you gonna give us,'' the twins asked.

         ''You've already given us so much,'' White said.

          ''What else could you possibly give us,'' Danny asked.

         ''Your freedom,'' Batman told them.

                                                      *****Time Skip*****

        The Young Justice team stood outside of the Hall of Justice. They were on one side of the pedestal. On the other side was the Justice League. Batman was at the pedestal, with Phantom and Gold Siren next to him. The twins looked at their brother with hope. Nightwing smiled in response.

        The press all turned their cameras their way as Batman looked ready to speak.

        ''It has come to our attention of a facility that has violated the Meta-Human Protection Act,'' Batman said. ''The Guys In White have done illegal testing on two heroes that have not done wrong.''

         The cameras zoomed in on the teens beside him.

         ''Phantom and Gold Siren were their prisoners just because they feared their powers,'' Batman continued. ''But that is not the case. These two are now given the title of hero and are under the protection of the league. While they may be strong, they are a part of our Young Justice team and are not to be considered dangerous. From now on, they are heroes and the Guys In White are abolished.''

      As Batman stopped talking, the press sprang into action with question for, or about, Phantom and Gold Siren.

        ''When did you two join the Young Justice team?''

         ''How did you escape the Guys In White?''

        ''What makes you so powerful?''

          ''Do your names mean that you are an actual phantom and siren?''

          ''Who are your mentors?''

         The team pulled the two away from the all the chaos of the crowd. A few members of the league stayed behind to try and answer their questions as best they could. Though, only Batman knew very much about them.

         The two went over to their adopted father, hugging him. They both had tears in their eyes.

        ''Thank you,'' Danny said. ''You have no idea how much this means to us.''

         ''Even before the GIW, we were hunted by ghosts and humans alike,'' White says. ''For the first time ever, we can feel safe from both.''

         They let go, Batman rubbing their heads. They even got him to give them a slight smile. Except for Nightwing, the team was shocked that they got a hug and a smile from the most serious member of the league.

         As Batman walked away, the twins got looks from the team. 

        ''What,'' they asked.

         ''How did you two manage to get close enough to him to let him hug you,'' Gar asked. ''He never allows anyone to get that close, except Nightwing.''

       ''Do you guys forget that Nightwing's our brother,'' Danny says. ''Of course Batman would get close to us since we're related to his partner.''

        ''And congrats,'' Dick put his arms over their shoulders. ''You actually got him to smile. That's almost impossible to do. Only you two seem to be able to do that.''

         ''What can I say, it's a gift,'' Danny joked, making them all laugh.

         White then looked over and saw Superman talking with Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. He then looked at Superboy, knowing that it was now or never. He got out from under his brother's arm.

        ''I'll be right back,'' he told them.

         Beetle smiled at him as he walked away. He knew what White was planning.

          ''Why are you smiling like that,'' Wally asked him.

        ''No reason,'' Jaime told him. ''It's not against the law to smile.''

         White went over to the three adult heroes.

         ''Superman, can I talk to you,'' he asked the Man of Steel.

        ''Sure thing, Siren,'' Superman says, bidding goodbye to the other two heroes. ''Is something wrong?''

         ''It's not really about me, or my brother,'' White told him. ''It's about Superboy.''

         Superman's expression seemed to darken when he mention his clone.

          ''What is it about him that you don't like,'' White asked. ''Is it all because that he's your clone?''

          ''You wouldn't understand,'' Superman said.

         ''I may not understand the why, but I do understand that you're hurting him,'' White crosses his arms. ''My powers able me to hear thoughts and listen to a person's heart. He may not look like it, but Superboy is in pain because of how you treat him. He can hide it from the others as much as he wants, but he can't hide it from me.''

         ''It's not like he needs me,'' Superman says. ''He needs you, Batman, Miss.Martian, or Red. I'm just the reminder of what he's not.''

        ''That's what you think, but not him,'' White told him. ''Superboy doesn't have any family other than the human DNA of Lex Luther. If you keep neglecting him, it won't end well. Why is it hard for you to be a father to him just because he's a clone?''

        ''What do you even know,'' Superman glared. ''It's not like you have any such responsibilities as that.''

         ''I know what it's like,'' White says. ''The moment I turn eighteen, i'm king of the sirens. Want pressure, there it is.''

         ''Why is this even any of your business,'' Superman asked.

         White took out a picture he had with him. He showed it to the Kryptonian. It was himself, Danny, and Danielle all together. They were in the Ghost Zone. It was right after the Disasteroid incident and the three were all together. Dani was in Danny's arms.

        ''That's Phantom's daughter, Danielle Phantom,'' White told him. ''But she's not as she appears to be. Dani's a clone of my brother. We saved her when she became unstable. We took her in because she has no where else to go. We didn't abandon her just because she's a clone. We treat her as she should be treated, as family. Superboy may not have been created naturally, but he's here. You can't abandon him over something that isn't his fault.''

         White walked away, leaving a shocked and soul-searching superhero behind. When he got back to the team, Miss.Martian noticed what he did to one of the biggest heroes in the league.

        ''What did you do to him,'' she questioned. ''What'd you talk about?''

         ''I'm just helping him right a wrong,'' White answered, looking at Superboy.


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