Chapter 20: Beware!

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         After the Christmas disaster, things settled down at the cave. The team finally understood why the twins hated Christmas so much, and they got them to have a long awaited good holiday.

         It had been a few weeks since, and nothing had really changed, except one thing. Red Arrow, who had wanted to stay with his best friends, joined the team. Danny and White were over the moon when they found out.

        Since they had visited the Ghost Zone, Batman thought that it would be a good idea for their two resident experts to teach them how to fight ghosts. While training, they did learn about more things that are effective against the supernatural. Normal weapons were almost useless, as they would pass right through them. But there are three elements that can harm or kill them. Blood Blossoms, the deadly flower; black pearl, the poisonous metal; and ecto-ranium, the anti-ghost mineral.

        ''For the millionth time, Wally, ghosts are not created by science,'' Danny repeated for the thousandth time.

         ''If a person dies with an obsession or unfinished business, they become ghosts,'' White explained. ''It's a matter of the heart and science has nothing to do with it.''

         The two were really getting tired of Kid Flash's ''science this and science that'' ways. If he tried to explain their powers through science one more time, they were gonna go crazy.

         ''Science has an explanation for everything, so there has to be one for this,'' Wally says.

         ''Somebody else try, with him,'' Danny gave up. ''If either of us try one more time, we will go crazy.''

         ''Give it a rest, Wally,'' Dick told him. ''Can't you just accept that they use magic. They're a freaking siren and ghost, can't get farther away from science than that.''

         ''Except Skylar,'' White chuckled. ''He is a flying, and talking, horse after all.''

         Beetle also laughed at this. The two had decided to keep their relationship a secret from the others. They didn't want the others to think that either were giving the other special treatment or protection. Sort of like when Miss.Martian and Superboy first started dating.

         ''There is no such thing as magic,'' Wally stated.

         ''Suit yourself, Mr.Denile,'' Danny smirked.

         ''What did you say to me,'' Wally glared.

       ''Exactly what you heard, Flash Junior,'' Danny remarked, using the nickname they all know he hates.

         Before the two could go at it, a blue mist came from Danny's mouth and White's wings fluttered. Danny's ghost sense and White's siren sense. It lets the two know when a ghost or mystical creature is near.

        ''This better not be who I think it is,'' White says.

         Boxes started floating around them. They had a ghostly glow of blue to them. Danny and White face-palmed.

         ''So much for that hope,'' White shook his head.

         A chubby ghost floated in. He had blue skin with his darker blue overalls and gloves. He didn't look like he was much of a threat. He looked harmless.

        ''I am the Box Ghost,'' he shouted, trying to be scary. ''Fear me and my power over all things rectangular and square. Face my awesome powers over cardboard... and... uh...''

        He trailed off, looking like he didn't know what to say next.

         ''What are you doing here, Box Ghost,'' Danny asked, annoyed.

         ''You have been gone for four years, so my revenge has waited long enough,'' the chubby ghost said. ''So... uh... BEWARE!''

         ''And it starts again,'' White complained.

         ''Who is this guy,'' Roy asked the mystics in the room.

         ''The Box Ghost,'' Danny explained. ''We like to call him the cockroach of the Ghost Zone because no matter how many times you squash him, he always comes back. He has a delusion, thinking that he's scary. Always coming back, thinking he can bring us down.''

        ''Which normally ends with him being sucked into the ecto-thermos,'' White said.

        ''Think of him like a ghost version of Wally,'' Danny snickered.

         ''Hey,'' Wally protested.

         ''Do not ignore me, or my boxes of doom,'' Box Ghost yelled, making the boxes float up higher.

         ''Phantom, you get a portal ready, i'll shot him in,'' White says, sounding completely bored out of his mind.

          ''Here we go again,'' Danny shook his head. 

         Danny turned invisible and flew behind the Box Ghost. A portal to the Ghost Zone started forming, but the ghost didn't even notice it. White flew in front of the annoying ghost.

         ''You may be the siren prince, but I am the ALMIGHTY BOX GHOST,'' he yelled.

         As soon as the last words left his mouth, the portal finished.

        ''Well, here is my ALMIGHTY SONIC SCREAM,'' White mimicked.

        ''Ha ha... what,'' the Box Ghost 'duh'ed.

           White shot out his scream, sending the ghost flying back. He went right through Danny's portal and vanished. Danny quickly closed the portal.

          ''Does that happen often,'' Dick asked.

          ''A lot more than it needs to,'' Danny complained.

        ''He worse than Skulker, and he continuously tries to make our pelts a part of his collection,'' White says.

          ''He what,'' Conner raises an eyebrow.

          ''Don't even ask,'' Danny said.

          Batman, Canary, and Tornado walked into the room. They all took notice of the boxes everywhere.

          ''What's with the boxes,'' Canary asks. ''Someone moving?''

         ''Just a run of the mill ghost, no biggie,'' Danny said.

          ''Alright, then,'' Canary accepted.

           White then got a strange feeling from his siren hearing. He looked at his human father, Batman. He was getting the reading from him.

         ''Batman, is something wrong,'' he asked.

         Batman looked at his adopted son, trying his best to keep his emotionless scowl.

         ''Just because you can block your thoughts from me doesn't mean I can't still get a slight reading from you,'' White told him. ''I know something's wrong.''

         ''We have some visitors,'' Batman says. ''Team, join us.''

         The team followed him, but he stopped Danny and White.

          ''I think it would be best if you two weren't in there,'' he told them. ''They can't see you.''

          ''Is something wrong, father,'' Danny asked.

         ''I'm not sure, yet,'' Batman answered, walking down the hall and leaving them.

          ''We are going to follow them, right,'' White asks his brother.

          ''I have invisibility, it be a crime not to use it,'' Danny chuckled.

           He took his twin's hand and they both vanished. They floated down the hall, to see who was in the living room. But when they got there, their faces changed into looks of horror.

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