Chapter 19: The Heartbreak Before Christmas

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      (I know it's not close to Christmas, but it's part of the story line so just go with it, please.)

          The best time of the year had finally come, for the team. Christmas was almost upon them, and they were all decorating the cave. 

          Miss.Martian was hanging up tinsel and wreaths on the walls. Superboy had carried in a large Christmas tree and put it in the training room. Beetle and Beast Boy had helped put all the ornaments and the star on the tree. Nightwing programmed the hologram system in the room to make it look like it was snowing, but there was no actual snow. 

         The only ones not excited were the twins. They stayed away from all the holiday cheer and all the festivities. They had been so happy when they got back from the Ghost Zone. But as soon as December hit, they turned doom and gloom.

         ''What do you think's been up with Phantom and Siren, lately,'' Ma'gann asks the team.

         They were all in the living room, apart from the twins. All of them were in their civilian clothes, bundled up for the cold.

         ''Believe me, I wish I knew,'' Dick answered. ''They just aren't in the Christmas spirit.''

        ''Did you really just say spirit when your own brother is a ghost,'' Conner says.

         ''It was bound to happen,'' Dick said.

         ''You've known them longer than us, do you know,'' Jaime asked Red Arrow.

         ''They've always been like this, this time of year,'' Roy says. ''They are not ones for holiday joy.''

          ''That's, kind of, sad,'' Gar sighed.

          There was a blast at the end of the hall. It came from the training room. The team and Red Arrow all ran toward it, and were shocked by what they saw. Danny and White were training. Batman had told them that they had the holiday off, so they didn't need to do any of their hero work, including training.

         Danny shot out an ecto-blast, but White countered with a golden force field. They didn't seem to notice, or care, about the teen heroes staring at them.

         ''What are you two doing,'' Roy asked.

          They both stopped, looking at their team.

         ''What does it look like we're doing? Playing hop scotch,'' Danny said. ''We're training.''

         ''But, right now, we need a break,'' White says.

         The two emotionless-ly flew over their heads. The couldn't help but notice the decorations rattle when White got near them. It was like his vibration powers were becoming unstable. The two grabbed some water from the fridge, ignoring everything Christmas related around them.

        ''Batman gave us the time off, remember,'' Wally reminded.

        ''So,'' Danny asked. ''We can do whatever we want with our time.''

        ''Why not celebrate with the rest of us,'' Ma'gann asks. ''Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. Surly you two know about magic.''

         ''Christmas is a load of magical foolery,'' White snapped. 

         ''You'd think that those that use magic would believe in Santa Claus,'' Artemis sarcastically says.

          ''There is no Santa,'' Danny deadpanned.

          ''Noted,'' Gar says, but then it hit him. ''Say what.'' 

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