Chapter 2: Run Phantom Run

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          The screams echoed through the halls of the facility. Screams of pure agony and pain. At the end of the hall was an experiment room for the Guys In White scientists. Right now, their latest experiment was screaming his head off.

         You heard me right. I said HE. As in they were experimenting on a person. His name was Gold Siren, a hero from the small town of Amity Park. But being a real life siren has its downsides as well as its perks.

         ''St...stop, p...please,'' he pleaded to his 'parents.'

         The Fentons, Jack and Maddie, didn't care about his pleads. They used their tools to cut his chest open, again. Causing him to scream louder. He countless scars were all sore from the constant experiments.

         ''Shut up, freak,'' Jack ordered. ''We all know you can't feel pain, so stop pretending.''

         ''J...just k...kill me,'' Siren pleaded.

         ''You're too rare,'' Maddie sneered. ''As much of a monster you are, you're too rare a creature to let die.''

          ''Try using tools of black pearl,'' Jack suggested. ''I heard they cause this type of creature immense pain.''

          Siren's eyes widened as they mentioned black pearl. They were almost as dangerous as blood blossoms. Poisonous and deadly to supernatural creatures.

          ''P...please,,'' he pleaded. ''I n...never d...did a...anything to''

         ''Shut it, monster,'' Maddie glared. ''Muzzle him.''

         They gagged him with a muzzle. They muffled his cries as they cut into him.

                                                         *****Line Break*****

         Agents K and N threw Gold Siren into his cell. His wounds were barely bandaged and that caused his blood to seep out. In the cell next door, Phantom saw the pain that he was in.

         Phantom was the lead hero in the pair of him and Gold Siren. They protected each other and their city. Phantom is a ghost, or rather, half ghost. They both had human forms, but the collars on their necks kept them in their hero forms. They also stopped their powers.

         ''Leave him alone, please,'' he pleaded the agents. 

          ''Hear that,'' Agent K smirked. ''The other freak's trying to make it seem like he cares about the other monster.'' 

         ''He needs acting lessons, cause we all know they don't feel any human emotions,'' Agent N says. ''Step away from the bars, ghost scum.''

         He pressed a button on the remote he was holding. Phantom's collar lit up with electricity as it zapped the non-living daylights out of him. Not like it was new to him. Just like the experiments they did on Siren, they tortured him with lightning. His ghost biology was too difficult for them to copy what they did to Siren. It never stopped them from being beaten up like defenseless boxers.

         '','' Siren stuttered. ''S...stop.''

         ''Shut it,'' Agent K shouted.

         The agent kicked him in the stomach. He screamed as he felt some of his ribs crack. Phantom saw the beating, and he desperately wanted it to stop.

         ''Please, he didn't do anything to you,'' Phantom cried. ''Leave him alone, I beg you.'' 

         The beating caused him to flashback to the day that ruined their life, the day that they were taken in by their ''parents'' and the GIW.

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