Chapter 32: Chaos In Camelot

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            ''Your mother is an evil witch,'' Artemis screeched.

            Juliet and Mason both took a step back, hurt by her words.

            ''Artemis,'' Green Arrow scolded. ''Lena just told us that Morgana was not in control of her actions. She had no control of her magic.''

            ''Once an evil witch, always an evil w...'' Artemis was interrupted.

            ''God Apollo, I pray to thee,'' Juliet cast, uncorking a vial.

            A gold stream came from Artemis's mouth. It went into the vial. All of a sudden, she couldn't speak. Juliet was glaring at her while Mason and Lena were holding in evil laughter.

          ''Told you that they have anger issues,'' Lena smirked.

           ''What was that,'' Gar asked the LeFey's.

          ''My magic is that I cast spells that channel the gods of Olympus, as our mom was a descendant of Hecate,'' Juliet explained. ''And since Apollo is the god of music, channeling him enabled me to take her voice. She's just lucky that I didn't channel Zeus and shoot her with a lightning bolt.''

         Artemis looked about ready to kill her. If looks could kill, the daggers her eyes were shooting would be have done the job.

          ''I would have enjoyed seeing that,'' Mason chuckled. ''My magic is that I can summon any weapon out of thin air. Like this.''

          A silver sword suddenly appeared in his hand. It then changed to a morning star, then a mace, and then a dagger.

           ''Medieval weapons were always my weapon of choice,'' he said.

           ''Ever kill a dragon and save a princess,'' Gar asks, embracing the cliche. 

            ''You know that's just made-up, right,'' Mason raised an eyebrow. ''Dragons don't kidnap anyone and they are most certainly not evil. Pretty sure you've already met Siren's dragon.''

            ''He's just embracing the cliche, Mason,'' Lena smiled.

           ''I hate the cliche,'' Juliet says. ''Not as much as the Isle of Wicca, though. The only witch that actually rides a broom is Zelena. And she lives in Oz.''

           ''So, exactly how is Excalibur in danger,'' Mason asked the siren.

          ''Villains from the modern world want it so that they can keep the magical community busy enough for them to destroy the Mystic Heart,'' Lena explained. ''So we need the sword.''

            ''We can't let them destroy the heart,'' Juliet said. ''Our home would be destroyed. Camelot would cease to exists.''

           ''We won't let that happen,'' Green Arrow told her.

            ''Thank you,'' Juliet thanked.

            ''Are you going to give her voice back anytime soon,'' Ma'gann asked her.

            ''I'll leave that up to you,'' Juliet says, giving the martian the vial. ''She needs to learn respect. Especially in the world of magic. There are many beings and creatures that kill those that don't respect them.''

           ''And we've come across a few of those in our 500 years of life,'' Mason says.

           The heroes all stared at them like they had three heads.

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