Chapter 78: We Fight For What's Right

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Everyone in the group swiftly got to their feet and faced the voice. Melinda somehow still asleep during all this. In front of them all was the entire Justice League. From Superman all the way to Captain Marvel. Batman seemed to be the only one not scolding them with their eyes. Ironic.

"Oh great," Krinos swore, facepalming. "I need to be more specific with my enchantments next time."

"As if Hades wasn't busy enough the last few days already," Alain said, his wolf eyes coming back.

"Alain," Caitlin scolded, slapping the back of his head.

"What," he asked, rubbing his head.

"We are not killing the world's heroes," Caitlin snapped. "Maim or seriously injury, but not kill."

"Why do feel like that's a reference," Gar wondered out loud.

The Justice League and mystics seemed to have a staring contest, as if trying to see who will make the first move. Nightwing saw other mystics hiding in the temples, preparing to ambush if necessary.

"Do any of you have anything to say for yourselves," Wonder Woman asked, her arms crossed.

"If any of us say 'we regret nothing' will we get in trouble," Juliet smirked. "Cause I certainly don't."

"I think I speak for all of us when I say that we did what needed to be done," Alya says.

"What you did was murder countless people," Captain Atom yelled.

"Yeah, not cool guys," Captain Marvel said.

"Well, what would any of you have done," Mason three back. "There was no other way to deal with them. There are no laws protecting mystics and you can't make any without exposing us."

"We would have found a way," Superman argued. "There's always a way where you don't have to resort to killing people."

"You humans have your laws, and we have ours," Krinos said. "A life for a life, that is our way. Anyone aware of magic or is a part of it, are all subject to our laws."

"They have taken dozens upon dozens of our kinds over the years," Sarah glared at the heroes. "Not just vampires or were-creatures, but nymphs, sirens, harpies, dryads, naiads, witches and wizards. You name it, they've killed it."

"Mystics have to abide by the law, same as any magic aware human," Ethan put in. "Any mystic found guilty of killing another mystic is handed over to the victim's kind to be executed as they see fit. It has been like that for thousands of years."

"Did you even think about the lives you ruined," Green Lantern (John Stewart) asked.

"They tried to take our lives before we even thought to do the same to them," Skylar says. "They never even went after the pegasi and I agree with my fellow mystics."

The tension was for real right now. Not even as bad as when Siren literally blew up Christmas last year. Every mystic was thinking how another fight was the last thing they needed right now. They had only got a few hours of rest after finishing that last war and now it might be starting all over again. Except this time it was against those a lot stronger than the GIW.

"These are human whom's lives you took," Black Canary said. "So the human justice system is what you'll be subjected to. What you did what selfish, dangerous, inexcusable, and just plain wrong."

"We don't care what you say," White spoke up, shocking the heroes. "What any of you say. You do not know what we've been through, nor how we felt about this. Do you think this was easy? The deed itself was as simple as walking, but how we felt about the deed is a completely different story."

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