Chapter 8: Meeting The Team

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         ''You two don't have to do this if you don't want to,'' Dick tells his brothers.

         ''We'll be fine, big brother,'' White says. ''I'm still staying away from the traffic cone, though.''

        ''At least we've already met Blue Beetle and Superboy,'' Danny said. ''It was really nice of Blue to get your collar off.''

        ''I'm surprised that Superboy warmed up to you so easily,'' Dick chuckled. ''He's normally the most stubborn and secluded of the team.''

         ''Unless you count his girlfriend, Miss.Martian,'' White smiled.

         ''How'd you know about that,'' Dick asked.

         ''I may, or may not, have the ability to listen into people's hearts,'' White slightly laughed.

         ''I guess a siren would be able to hear a lot more than humans,'' Dick said.

        ''Are we going to say that we're brothers,'' Danny asked. ''Or is this whole 'secret identity' thing going to keep us a secret as well.''

        ''You're team's going to notice your protectiveness of us,'' White pointed out. ''Like how Danny was protective of me.''

        ''We'll tell them,'' Dick said. ''They'll have questions, no doubt about that, but don't reveal your names.''

        ''To keep our family safe, we'll lie until the cows come home,'' White says. 

        ''We still have no idea where those sayings come from,'' Danny snickered.

         The three went into the doorway of the living room. Other than Beetle and Superboy, the rest of the team just made the two heroes nervous. Nightwing cleared his throat to get their attention.

        ''Look who's out of the infirmary,'' Jaime smiled. ''Good for you two, hermanos.''

         ''I thought we should have some proper introductions,'' Dick says. ''Guys, this is Phantom and Gold Siren. They're my younger brothers.''

        Half the team dropped their jaws. The other half just froze like statues. Aqualad didn't seem phased as much.

         ''Since when did you have brothers,'' Wally asked. ''Let alone brothers with powers.''

         ''My life is my business,'' Dick said. ''Only Batman and Kaldur ever knew.''

       ''I am glad you found them, my friend,'' Kaldur says, approaching them. ''Hi, i'm Aqualad, but my friends call me Kaldur.''

        ''I'm Miss.Martian, but call me Megan or Ma'gann,'' Ma'gann smiled sweetly. ''And this is my little brother Garfield, Beast Boy.''

        ''Nice to meet you,'' Gar grinned. 

        ''Artemis,'' Artemis waved them off, quite rudely I might add.

        ''My real name's Conner Kent,'' Conner says, both boys smiling at him and Beetle. 

         ''My name's Jaime Reyes,'' Jaime introduced.

         ''And Mr.Loudmouth over there is Wally,'' Dick joked.

         ''Hey,'' Wally yelled at him.

          ''Ow,'' White says, covering his ears. ''Not so loud.''

         ''You alright there, Siren,'' Jaime asked.

         ''Siren just has to regain control of his super hearing again,'' Danny explained. ''When we got our powers, he's the one that got the hearing while I got the eyesight.''     

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