Chapter 68: Battles Like No Other

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*****Eternal Spring*****

Alya, using the spirit of the kangaroo, jumped in front of a group of retreating agents.

"Going somewhere, boys," she smirked, showing animal-like fangs.

Touching her amulet, the spirit of a gorilla surrounded her. With the spirit's added strength, she charged. Gorilla strength plus monkey agility equals one bad ass girl. Alya was able to dodge their gun blasts, crush their weapons, and knock them out in no less than three seconds.

Huntress swerved in the sky, the blasts never being able to reach her.

"Nice try, boys, but you're gonna have to try harder than that to get me," she snickered.

She took a dive, catching three agents in the open 'V' part of her hover board. Pressing a button, it activated her board's ghost zapper. Pink electricity surged between the two halves of the 'V' and electrocuted the three agents. She dropped them on the ground, the three nearly burned to a crisp and still sparking.

"Quite a shocking development," Valerie smirked, then frowned. "I've been spending way too much time with Phantom."

"I would have to agree, my friend," Kaldur says. "But only on the sarcasm. Spend as much time as you like with Phantom."

Huntress sent a quick glare at the Atlantean.

"Not another word, Kaldur," she glared.

Aqualad held up the trident, multiple streams of water came out. The streams all acted like rope lassos, latching around about a dozen agents and lifting them into the air. With a swing, they were all sent flying. He then slammed down the trident, water swirling around him. It formed a sort-of octopus of water around him, the tentacles lashed around him.

Alya wanted in on the fun. Her eyes going blue, the spirit of an octopus surrounded her.

"Fun time," she evilly grinned.


Vampires were scattering across the dead forest. Between the high beams, sun guns, and holy water balloons, they were all on edge. The yeti were returning fire with their ice blasts and spears.

"Retreat to the castle," Ethan yelled.

Vampires and yeti alike all ran through the dark woods, back to Dracula's pad.

"Frostbite, set up ice barriers to keep them away from the castle," Sarah told the yeti chief leader.

"Ice wall, my comrades," Frostbite ordered.

Half a dozen yeti warriors raised their spears. They simultaneously shot blasts of ice core energy. They hit the ground, ice forming wherever they hit. Raising the beams, the ice continued to build. It rose up into a thick wall of frozen water. The reflective surface made the high beams and sun gun rays bounce off.

"Not sure how long this will last," Frostbite admitted to the three vampires.

"We need to take care of a large number of them at once," Sarah says.

"What about the Dark Void spell," Ethan suggested, remembering that vampires have their own type of magic.

"The vampiric spell that puts its target to sleep and gives them nightmares," Erica raised her eyebrow. "That spell will help us, how?"

"We do it on a wide spread scale, hitting as many agents as possible," Ethan explained.

"We'll need Dracula for a spell of that magnitude," Sarah said.

The three ran into the castle. They found their king on one of the wall bridges connecting two of the towers. They explained their plan to him, and he fully agreed. They quickly set up the ritual, burning black poppies in magic black fire. A ball of black and purple energy formed.

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