Chapter 30: Weapons Of The Ancients

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            "Is he awake, yet," Jaime asked Phantom, Red Arrow, and Nightwing.

            "Not yet," Danny responded. "His siren song takes a lot of his energy away."

            "But it's been a week," Jaime says. "I'm getting worried."

             "Everything will be fine, Blue," Dick told him. "Siren's a strong kid."

            "After that battle with Music Meister, he deserves a good rest, anyway," Roy said.

            The four heroes then returned to the others. They were all in the training room, working on their moves for any future missions. Superboy, Miss.Martian, and Beast Boy were the most concerned after the other four. Not like anyone can really be more concerned than his brothers, boyfriend, and best friend.

            "I still don't get why Siren doesn't like using his siren song," Ma'gann says. "He's incredible without it, and he's just better with it."

            "Maybe he just thinks that it's cheating if he uses it," Gar guessed.

            "With a voice like that, he shouldn't have to hide it just because he has something others don't," Ma'gann said.

           "He's just a siren," Artemis said. "You probably only think he's so good because he's been using that song on us the entire time."

            A green blast shot by her head. It just barely missed her. They all turned to see Phantom with a smoking hand. It was one of his ecto-blasts that had nearly nailed her. And boy did he look mad.

          ''How. Dare. You,'' he growled. ''My brother hates his siren song. He never wanted to use it. I may have been under Music Meister's spell, but I do remember him begging us not to force him to use it. Do you not hear what comes out of your mouth. You insult him for no reason. Well here is some info for you. He doesn't use his siren song because he doesn't want to end up like Obsidian Siren. She used her song to darken the hearts of those around her. My brother fears that if he uses his song, he'll end up like her. So don't go making accusations without the facts.''

         Phantom walked away, basically fuming. Huntress, Red Arrow, Beetle, and Nightwing followed him. The rest of the team, except Kid Flash, was glaring at Artemis.

          ''If she does that one more time, I will not be held accountable for what I do to her next,'' Danny says.

           ''She just doesn't know Gold like the rest of us,'' Jaime told him. ''Just do what we do with Wally, ignore her.''

           ''Why is it that you're the only one that calls him Gold,'' Valerie noticed. ''The rest of us shorten his hero name by calling him Siren. Why do you call him Gold?''

          ''I... uh... that is my business,'' Jaime managed to say.

           Huntress narrowed her eyes at him. But she was interrupted by a flash of green down the hall. The scent of flowers then filled the cave. They all ran toward where the light had come from. They found a very confused siren of nature.

          ''Do I have the right mountain,'' she wondered to herself.

           ''Turn around and find out,'' Danny said.

           ''Oh, hi,'' Lena smiled, turning around. ''Guess three times is the charm. I ended up on Mount Fuji and Mount Everest on my first two tries.''

           ''As crazy as ever,'' Danny shook his head.

           ''Is something up, Lena,'' Roy asked her. ''Or is this a social call?''

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