Chapter 21: Fenton Visitors

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         The invisible twins stared at the two visitors in horror. Their former parents were standing in the living room. Jack in his usual extra extra large orange jumpsuit with a bazooka strapped to his back. Maddie was in her blue jumpsuit with ecto-guns on her belt.

        ''What could they possible want,'' White panicked, going behind his brother.

         ''Everything will be okay, little brother,'' Danny whispered, comforting him.

     ''We have allowed you two entrance into the mountain, as you are employed by a government facility,'' Batman told them, with a scowl. ''Now, tell us why you are here.''

         ''No need to be hostile,'' Jack says. ''We are all on the same side.''

         ''Are we,'' Dick growled, glaring at the people that took his brothers from him.

         ''What do you want,'' Canary asked.

         ''Your team of sidekicks have taken two of our subjects,'' Maddie said. ''Property of the government. We only wish for our property to be returned to us.''

         Beetle, Superboy, and Beast Boy all stiffened. They knew what they were talking about, and didn't like it. 

          ''And what would that be,'' Roy asked, crossing his arms.

      ''Your team took Phantom and Gold Siren from our prison,'' Maddie said. ''Stolen the property of the government.''

         ''The Guys In White may be a government organization, but did they have permission to have them in the first place,'' Tornado asked.

          ''Red Tornado has a point,'' Canary agreed. ''Was it even legal for you to hold those two against their will?'' 

        ''Our facility was tasked with tracking and containing any, and all, threats that are beyond human control,'' Maddie says. ''And you can't get any more dangerous than those two. Their powers are far to great to be out in the open.''

         ''But what have they actually done,'' Conner asked, getting angry.

         ''Phantom has been on a jewelry heist and had kidnapped the mayor of Amity Park,'' Jack recollected. ''Gold Siren stole an ancient jewel from a museum and once shattered every window in town.''

      ''None of that was their fault,'' Roy glared at them. ''Phantom was on that jewel heist because he was under the control of Control Freak. That wasn't the mayor he kidnapped, he had been possessed by the ghost warden, Walker. Siren stole that gem, because he needed it to defeat Obsidian Siren and it also belongs to the sirens, anyway. He shattered those windows because that call was meant to de-possess the entire town. Don't make accusations without all the facts.''

         ''Even so, they are still some of the most dangerous creatures on this planet,'' Maddie stated.

          ''They are not creatures,'' Jaime growled. ''They are living and breathing people that didn't deserve the torture you put them through.''

         ''It was hardly torture,'' Jack says. ''How could we torture them when they don't feel pain, or any emotion.''

         ''Just hand them over and we will be on our way,'' Maddie glared.

           White held onto Danny's arm tighter. They were both terrified that they would have to go back. If they ever went back, there was no doubt that they would kill them. Or, in Danny's case, kill him the rest of the way. 

         ''They are not going anywhere with you,'' Dick slammed his fist on the table. ''They felt everything you put them through. Every time you cut them, stabbed them, shocked them, beat them. They felt everything you did. You don't know the first thing about them. They aren't property you can own. They have beating hearts and feelings. We will not allow you to take them again.''

         ''Go play in a sandbox, kid,'' Jack said. ''The adults are talking.''

         ''You think us as mere children,'' Kaldur glared. ''We would all be considered dangerous as well, right?''

          ''Well... I...'' Jack couldn't find words.

         ''I can control water by will,'' Kaldur says. ''Superboy has super strength. Miss.Martian can shape shift, read minds, and fly. Beast Boy can turn into any animal at will. Blue Beetle's armor is one of the most powerful weapons ever. We are all dangerous, yet you only come here for them.''

        The Fenton adults were shocked. Aqualad seemed to see right through them. He knows why they only want Phantom and Gold Siren.

        ''You only want them because you can't touch anyone else,'' Roy chimed in. ''We're all under the protection of the league, so you try and go after the only ones without mentors. But, that's where you're wrong.''

        ''They do have mentors, and a family that will do anything to protect them,'' Jaime told them. ''Frostbite, Clockwork, and Pandora are their mentors, as well as a trio that you don't want to mess with. They lost them once, and I assure you that they will not let you take them a second time.''

        ''As for their family, we're standing right in front of you,'' Dick says. ''If you so much as hurt a hair on their heads, go anywhere near them, or even look their way, we will bring you down.''

         ''You've been given your answer, now get out,'' Batman ordered. ''You are never to come back, or you will face dire consequences.''

          Canary and Tornado escorted the two scientists out. The team breathed in relief. Artemis and Kid Flash were just in the corner, not caring.

        ''Who do those two thing they are,'' Gar asked the others, angry. ''We've known Siren and Phantom for almost three months and they aren't a threat to people. They can be a little scary, but so can Conner.''

         Superboy just shrugged in response. The twins chuckled a little from Beast Boy's remark. The team heard them.

          ''You can come out now,'' Dick said.

          They became visible, shocking them.

          ''Have you been there the entire time,'' Ma'gann asks them.

        ''When you can turn invisible, you either do things like this, or get bored,'' Danny smirked.

         ''Thanks for sticking up for us,'' White smiled.

          ''Everything we said is true,'' Jaime said. ''You're a part of our family, ad we won't let anything happen to you.''

          Batman and Nightwing went over to them.

          ''Since those two don't seem like the type to give up, we have something to give you guys,'' Dick said.

         ''What,'' they asked.

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