Chapter 61: Jungle's Anger

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''The first agent I see is dead, plain and simple," Alya growled, the three waking through the forest outside San Francisco.

Alya, Red Huntress, and Aqualad were going to the stone pedestal that transports them to the Eternal Spring. They knew that only Alya or a forest nymph could open it, but were not taking any chances.

"I just hope we get there before any of those psychos do," Valerie says.

"It is a helpful that they can not enter the spring without you, my friend," Kaldur told Alya.

"It won't matter is they destroy that pedestal," Alya said.

"What do you mean," Kaldur asked.

"That stone pedestal is the only way to get to the spring," Alya answered. "There is no other way. If it be destroyed, then not even the gods themselves could reopen the path. The spring would be lost forever."

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that," Valerie said.

"Um... Kaldur," Alya says. "There's something you might need to know about the trident before we go into a full on final battle."

Holding out his hand, Aqualad made the trident appear in his hand.

"What do you mean," he asked the animal witch.

"Do you know the original myth of the trident," Alya asked, Aqualad shook his head. ''Poseidon's Trident has the power over the sea. It makes tsunamis and waves, along with sea foam. It can calm the water or make it roar. If Poseidon strikes the Earth with his trident an earthquake will happen. The man or boy who is chosen to control the trident, is one with the blood of the Gods.''

"Alya, even i'm a little lost at this point, and I spend a lot of time with magic users," Valerie crossed her arms.

"Kaldur, are you aware of any sea god blood in your line," Alya asked the Atlantean. "The only ones that can use the trident are those of godly blood. Related to Poseidon, Triton, Amphitrite, Triton, Oceanus, or any other deity of the sea, really."

"I am not aware of any of the gods in my family," Kaldur told her. "Though, I've never been close to anyone of my family tree."

"Aren't all Atlantean's related to the gods," Valerie asked Alya. "I always thought Atlantis was filled with those born from one of the ocean gods or goddesses."

"Not exactly," Alya says. "When Oceanus sank Atlantis during the first Titan War, it changed the physiology of the citizens. They became merpeople, or just humans with gills. Every Atlantean is descended from them, unless they are a sea deity demigod. And there are about thirty-three of them, including the sirens and naiads. We've met your father, what about your mother?"

"While I was undercover with the Light, my father liked to mention a woman names Thalassa," Kaldur remembered. "He always said she was the only one he ever truly loved."

"Thalassa," Alya wondered. "That's the Greeks titaness of the ocean. Wow!"

"I've met demigods, but you're the first demi-titan I've ever met," Valerie smirked.

Aqualad was taken back. Neither Alya or Siren had told him about the trident when he first used it, nor had he ever made the connection of the name of the person Black Manta kept talking about. He always did feel right around Siren. And it made sense now, as titans and sirens were both born through Greek mythology.

The were about to continue the conversation, but they heard someone coming. A lot of someone's to be exact.

"I wish it was more than just the three of us," Valerie says, the hover board forming under her feet. "Sounds like we're outnumbered."

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