Chapter 44: Battle Of The Library

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           ''I... I can't believe it,'' Dick stuttered.

           Artemis had spilled her arrows on the ground after she had insulted the mystics and Siren hit her with his scream. She had arrows made from black pearl and ectoranium, elements most harmful to those of the magical arts and mystic origin. Basically, everyone they were trying to help.

          Phantom and Siren backed away from her.

          ''She wants to kill us,'' Danny gasped. ''Take magic from the world.''

         Siren's eyes turned gold. He was furious. He made a leap at her. Phantom, Alya, and Aqualad had to hold him back. Every other hero and mystic in the room were all feeling undeniable rage and betrayal.

         ''Let me kill her, let me kill her,'' White screamed. ''She's caused destruction to the sacred grounds of magic.''

          The three struggled to hold back to siren. Yet, they were also holding back their own desires to decapitate the archer. They were so busy that they didn't notice someone else pick up one of the pearl arrows. It was too late. A yellow and red blur knocked them all away. They crashed around the floor, though not much damage had been done. Not yet, anyway.

          When they stood up, they gasped again. Kid Flash had Siren's arm held behind his back. And he was using his other hand to hold the black pearl arrow close to his neck.

           ''Course,'' Danny growled.

          All the magic users tried to advance toward the traitorous speedster. But he held the arrow closer, causing it to slightly burn the siren. Siren flinched and his face cringed in pain.

           ''Take another step closer and you find out what happens when a siren has its vocal cords ripped from its throat,'' Wally threatened.

           ''I should have known that it was the person that is so delusional toward his belief that magic is fake,'' White growled. ''You two have dived so deep into your delusions that you will risk every magic user just to get what you want.''

          ''It wasn't just one,'' Valerie put together. ''You two teamed up to take out those you saw as a threat to what you believed. Those that are different and those that use something you believe is fake.'' 

          ''Why,'' Ma'gann asks, almost in tears.

          The two traitors looked at her and their team. Nightwing, Aqualad, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Red Arrow, Superboy, and Miss.Martian could hardly even look at them. BB and Beetle didn't know them as long as the others, but were still hurt.

          ''What have they ever done to you,'' Ma'gann asked them. ''They never did anything.''

         ''Nothing! Oh please,'' Wally rolled his eyes. ''They came into our lives and ruined everything about our team. Because of them, we're taking part in a fight we shouldn't. Their fantasy world has nothing to do with us.''

        ''They should fight their own battles,'' Artemis snarled. ''Besides, what they are can only lead to destruction. Vampires drink blood, they're killers. Morgan LeFey was no victim, she was an evil witch that deserved death. Sirens sing to lure people to them, then they eat them, they're monsters. What harm can be done if magic is separated from our world?''

         ''You'd be causing more harm than good,'' Alya said. ''The world needs magic to remain in balance. Without us, nature falls out of harmony. The balance of good and evil will be thrown off.''

         ''By getting rid of evil, we tip it to the side of good,'' Wally growled.

          ''No, you get rid of good and give evil the upper hand,'' Mason told him. ''Demons don't come from the isles. We might get sucked out, but not them. And without witches, angels, or guardians to protect humans, demons will rule.''

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