Chapter 23: Amity Park

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        ''Team, report to mission room for briefing,'' Batman announced over the intercoms.

         The team walked down the hall to the training room, as it's also used to give them briefings for missions. Nightwing went over to to his brothers.

        ''You guys excited for your first mission with the team,'' he asked them.

       ''You act like we've never been heroes before,'' Danny chuckled. ''May I remind you that we kick your tails during training.''

        ''What he means is that we're used to being heroes,'' White says. ''Four years of being out of the game doesn't, exactly, make us rusty. We're a lot stronger than our enemies give us credit for.''

          ''I've been meaning to ask about that sound combination you guys did when the Fentons tried to kidnap you,'' Dick says. ''What even was that?

         ''Because we're twins, we can connect to each other to give us a temporary boost of power,'' Danny explained. ''We combined our strongest attacks. White calls his the siren wail, turning his emotions into a raging roar. Mine, the ghostly wail, like the moaning and screams of the dead. We have more power when we're together.''

         ''You two are definitely quite the pair,'' Dick complimented.

         The team stood on the platform, Batman was in front of them.

          ''It has come to our attention that there's another teen hero,'' Batman started. ''But as of a few years ago, she has become more ruthless with her fights and it becomes less about justice and more about her own anger. Your mission is to recruit her for the team to help her deal with whatever is causing her anger problems.''

         ''Do we know anything about her,'' Kaldur asks.

          Batman pulled up images on the girl he wanted them to recruit. When they saw who it was, White and Danny felt their hearts break.

         It was a teen girl in form-fitting armor. Unlike the first one, which was just a pink suit, this new one is an advanced, black battle suit, with red flashing PCB lines, and a red reflective clear-glass face shield. Her new board has a semi-like V appearance and it can fly to a great speed.

        To Danny and White, it was a blast from the past. They were both relieved that she was still alive, but guilty over not telling her that they were alive.

        ''She isn't the most verbal of heroes,'' Batman explained. ''We don't know her real identity and hero alter ego doesn't even have a name.''

         Nightwing started typing on the holo-computer before Danny and White could tell them anything. He pulled up more images of her. They showed her using her weapons. Firing from her wrist rays, using her hover-board's ghost stingers, most of her arsenal.

         ''That is definitely one heck of an arsenal,'' Jaime says.

         ''Where could she even get this stuff,'' Artemis wondered.

         ''I seriously hope that Vlad isn't still helping her,'' White whispered to his brother.

         ''That Fruit-loop better not be,'' Danny growled.

          ''You will travel, as civilians, to recruit her,'' Batman orders. ''She protects Amity Park.''

          The twins both stiffened from the mention of their old city. If they go there, no doubt there will be a lot of things, that they don't want to be, brought back up. The team separated to go change into civilian clothes.

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