Chapter 1: They Remind Me Of Them

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          A sixteen year old Nightwing walked into the Cave. The rest of team was already training when he walked in. He stood next to Aqualad, looking at their two newest recruits. 

        This was one of those days that he hates more than others. Even more painful than the anniversary of his parent's death. This anniversary was the day that the two most important people in his life were taken from him.

          ''How you doing, my friend,'' Aqualad asked.

          ''I'm fine, Kaldur,'' Nightwing responded. ''Why'd you ask?''

        ''I've known you for a long time, my friend,'' Kaldur says. ''Every year, like clockwork, you always seem down on this day. The others may not notice, but I do.''

          ''In their defense, they aren't you,'' Nightwing said.

         ''It would help if you told someone,'' Kaldur told him. ''I'm not Black Canary, but I am willing to listen.''

           Aqualad was always one of the people to go to for comfort, other than Miss.Martian. And he was right. Only Batman ever knew what this day meant to him. He'd been searching for them since he started being Robin when he was nine. That was seven years ago. He never even told Kid Flash, and he was his best friend.

          ''Here's not the place to talk,'' Nightwing said. ''Let's go to the grotto.''

         The grotto was a place meant to honor fallen heroes. There were holographic statues of each of the heroes. Like Ted Chord (Blue Beetle), Jason Todd (Robin/Red Hood), and Tula (Aqua Girl). The two heroes stood in front of the Robin hologram.

         ''Tell me what's been bothering you,'' Kaldur says.

          ''Today's never been my favorite day of the year,'' Nightwing told him. ''You can't tell the team any of this.''

         ''I give you my word,'' Kaldur said.

          ''I have two brothers,'' Nightwing explained. ''We were supposed to be triplets, but I was born a few months before them. We were closer to each other than to our parents, inseparable. But when we were six, they were kidnapped. Taken from me by two low-lives. I haven't seen them in ten years. Today is the anniversary of when they were taken.''

          ''I'm sorry, Nightwing,'' Kaldur apologized. ''I didn't know.''

          ''Batman's the only ones that does,'' Nightwing informed. ''Not even Wally knows. Cause between you an me, he isn't the best listener.''

          ''At least you told someone,'' Kaldur put his hand on his friend's shoulder.

          ''Thanks, Kaldur,'' Nightwing said as they went back up to the training room. 

          And he was right, it did make him feel better. Batman had always helped with his searches, but the ever emotionless hero was not the best at comforting. Having a friend know helped him feel so much better.

         One of their two newest recruits was sparing with Wally. 

         Garfield ''Gar'' Logan, Beast Boy. After a blood transfusion from Miss.Martian, he gained the power to change into any animal. When Queen Bee had his mother killed, Ma'gann adopted him as her younger brother. Superboy also liked seeing him as his younger brother. A shapeshifter, martian, and a clone, not the weirdest family ever known.

         Their other recruit was Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle. He had alien tech that had attached itself to his back, giving him powerful armor. It also talked to him, but he never told anyone that. They just think he talks to himself, a lot. (There's no Robin, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Guardian, Static, Lagoon Boy, Zatanna, Rocket, or Arsenal)

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