Chapter 27: The Mystic Heart

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     ''Exactly how did you get your hands on this flash drive,'' Wally asked the archer.

      The team was back at the cave after their mission at Santa Prisca. Red Arrow was plugging the flash drive into the cave's system. He and Nightwing started typing on the computer holographic keyboards.

       ''He has his ways,'' White answered for him. ''A girlfriend to be more specific.''

        ''How do you know,'' Artemis asked.

       ''If it has not been made perfectly clear at this point, I will say it again,'' White says. ''My siren ears give me the ability to hear into a person's heart.''

         ''There's no such thing as a secret with him around,'' Danny chuckled. ''He reads people like books.''

         ''Got that right,'' Valerie agreed.

          ''Maybe he should keep that power to himself,'' Kaldur suggested.

         ''It's not like I can turn it off,'' White crossed his arms. ''Magic does what it wants.''

         ''He's not wrong,'' Danny says. ''When I first got my powers, i'd always have trouble keeping them in control. Mostly with accidentally phasing through things or blasting something else.''

         ''Remember you once shot Tucker with an ecto-blast when you went to give him a high five,'' White chuckled.

         ''That was a weird day,'' Danny said. ''Mostly because it started with a cotton candy tidal wave.''

         ''Let me guess,'' Valerie says. ''Desiree?''

         ''Desiree,'' the twins repeated.

         ''Back up for a bit,'' Gar said. ''Roy has a girlfriend?''

           ''That is for him to tell,'' White told him. ''It is not my place to say anything more than I have.''

          ''Honorable,'' the scarab told Jaime. ''I see, now, why you love this siren.''

          ''Would you shut up,'' Jaime growled at his armor.

           White chuckled, having heard all of that. As those two are the only ones that can hear the scarab, Siren's pretty much the only one that doesn't think that Beetle talks to himself.

         ''What is on that flash drive, anyway,'' Conner asked, changing the subject.

         ''Hopefully, the reason why the Light's collecting weapons that can be used against ghosts and mystical creatures,'' Dick says, typing.

          ''Whatever the reason, it can't be good,'' Roy said.

          The two had finally managed to get into the flash drive. Instantly, images popped up around them. And at the same time, Phantom, Siren, and Huntress were all as pale as a vampire. They were shown images of a crystal the size of one of them. It was one of the most stunning sights you could ever see. It was a giant rainbow diamond, showering the rainbow in the most amazing light.

        ''A crystal,'' Artemis said, annoyed. ''We risked our lives just to get images of a stupid crystal. Stupid.''

         ''It must be important if the Light wants it,'' Kaldur pointed out.

         ''They don't want it for themselves,'' White spoke up. ''They want it destroyed.''

         The team looked at the three heroes that had fear in their eyes.

          ''How can you be so sure,'' Ma'gann asks.

          ''Because that is one of the most important relics in all of magic,'' Danny said. ''Without it, evil can gain the upper hand.''

          ''What is it,'' Gar asked.

      ''It's called the Mystic Heart,'' White explained. ''We use it as a... anchor, if you will. The heart's main purpose is to share the gift of magic with worlds around it. Hidden from any and all danger as there are a lot of dark being that want it gone.''

         ''If it's supposed to give magic, wouldn't people want it so it can give them power,'' Roy asked them.

       ''That's not what he meant,'' Valerie says. ''The Mystic Heart is the reason why the Mystic Isles are even connected to other worlds.''

       ''Like Siren said, it's an anchor,'' Danny said. ''The Mystic Isles is a realm all its own, which is why you'd need a portal or a magical being to get there. If the heart was ever destroyed, that's the last report no one on the isles wants to play.''

        ''I have a bad feeling about this last resort,'' Dick says.

         ''It would wipe the slate clean of all magic,'' White told them. ''Without the heart, the magic that's been spread will be pulled back to the isles and would never be able to come back. Magic would be permanently taken from every world that has it.''

        ''It can't be that bad,'' Wally says, obviously thinking that no magic would be good.

        ''It's not just the magic itself,'' Danny glared at him. ''It's also everyone that has it. With no anchor to keep them on their world, they'd be pulled back to the isles. That includes myself and Gold Siren. We'd never see you guys again.''

         ''And the others,'' Kaldur asks. ''Atlantis has magic. As does Mars, as Ma'gann has told us about the sorcerer priests and priestesses. There is also Dr.Fate and Zatanna.''

         ''Atlantis would be brought to the Isle of Mermaids,'' White told him. ''As for the others, they'd stay on their home planet.''

         ''But, you said that all those with magic would be taken,'' Jaime reminded.

         ''They have magical cores, or are practitioners, but aren't magic-blooded,'' White explained. ''While they use magic, they have no magical ancestors to give them isle blood. They wouldn't be taken, but all their powers would. When I say all magic is wiped clean, I mean it. Also, the Helmet of Fate would be sent back to the isles. Nabu is a lord of order, so the isles are where he would stay.''

         ''We don't know how they know about the heart, as Vlad never even knew, but we can't let them destroy it,'' Valerie said.

         ''They won't,'' Roy told her. ''We won't let them.''

         Nightwing went over to his brothers, putting his hands on their shoulders.

         ''I just got you back, so there is no way i'm gonna lose you again,'' Dick said.

        ''At least we still have time,'' Kaldur says. ''So far, they're only collecting weapons. So they must not have a way to get there. They are only preparing.''

        ''Even if they do, where we've hidden the heart can drive a normal person crazy if they aren't careful,'' Danny snickered.

         The team raised their eyebrows.

         ''The Isle of Stories,'' White says. ''An ever changing maze of corridors. You'll never know where, or when, you'd end up.'' 

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