Chapter 55: Freedom Fight

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             The jaws of everyone in the hall dropped to the floor. They all had the same thought. WHEN DID NIGHTWING EVER HAVE MAGIC? But, low and behold, there stood their leader with a titan beside him. Cavalier, as he had called it. Or him? Who knows.

            ''Cavalier, let's teach these psychos a lesson they'll never forget,'' Dick growled, his titan nodding in response.

             Nightwing pulled out his escrima sticks. The two launched themselves at the agents and Fentons. Agents started flying as they were charged through. They have never seen Nightwing this scary.

            ''Raise your hand if you never want to make Nightwing angry again,'' Gar says, everyone raising their hand.

            ''How did this even happen,'' Roy wondered.

             They all looked at the mystics. Most of them just shrugged in response.

             ''Guys, they're still dying,'' Jaime yelled at them. ''A LITTLE HELP WOULD BE NICE, YOU KNOW.''

              ''Sorry,'' they all apologized.

              ''Miss.Martian, Caitlin, Sarah, Ethan, Beast Boy, Lena, Krinos, Mason, Red Arrow,'' Kaldur started ordering. ''Go, and help, Nightwing. The rest of us will try and help the twins.''

              The eight of them ran to help the raging Bat Boy. Not that he looked like he needed their help. In fact, he had taken one of Cavalier's flame swords and was ripping through the agents like a meteor through paper. He was like a bull that's just seen red. They were actually a little scared to be near him while he was in this state. But they did it anyway.

            ''Yoohoo, boys,'' Lena whistled.

             Some of the agents stupidly turned around to face her. And they got a face full of poppy pollen. Their eyes seemed to glaze over, getting dizzy and sleepy. Poppy's were known for having a sleepy effect on people.

           ''Have at 'em, Caitlin,'' she called.

            The were-cat lit her hands up with light. 

            ''Sunlight shards,'' she cast.

           Diamond hard shards of light came shooting from her hands. They sent the group of agents flying back. Caitlin blew the golden smoke away from her hands, like old fashioned police or old western people did in stereotypical detective and cowboy movies.

           ''Fly too close to the sun, you're bound to get burned,'' Caitlin smirked.

           Two agents, behind her back, tried to shoot. But their guns were pulled from their hands by an invisible force. Next thing they knew, they were thrown against the wall. Miss.Martian was floating above them with her hand outstretched.

           ''When you thought they couldn't get any lower, they attack when your back is turned,'' she shook her head.

            ''Do you expect these psychos to have honor,'' Mason asked, hitting an agent in the head with a mace he had summoned. ''Cause they haven't shown any so far.''

             Miss.Martian just rolled her eyes and flew somewhere else to fight. Mason then swapped his mace for a classic medieval shield and sword.

            ''Over your head, Mason,'' Gar warned, jumping up. 

            He changed into a kangaroo in midair. Mason held the flat end of the shield above his head and Beast Boy jumped onto it. The green kangaroo was basically launched into the battle. He went full on down-under boxer.

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