Chapter 49: The Children Section

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             ''When I get my hands on that no good speedster, I will ring his neck,'' Dick yelled to the sky.

             ''Keep your voice down, this is not the section for threats,'' Alya told him.

             ''Which section even is this,'' Kaldur asks.

              The area they were in looked like a peaceful farm. There were miles of crops and fields with small farm houses. The kind that you would think Dorothy would be inside when it crashes into Oz. There were also a few barns here and there. Small farm animals were scattered around the area. All in all, a very relaxing place.

             ''This would be the Children's section,'' Juliet said. ''Anything for eight year olds and younger can be found here.''

             ''Why does something tell me that Beast Boy would love this section,'' Lena joked.

             ''Oh, Lena,'' Alya shook her head.

              A small piglet suddenly came running, or trotting, toward them. He went over to Alya, cuddling her leg.

              ''Friend of yours,'' Dick raised an eyebrow. 

            ''Hello, Wilbur,'' Alya greeted, picking up the pig. ''Are things all good here?''

             The piglet gave her a nod, to which she smiled in response.

              ''Wilbur? As in...'' Dick paused.

              ''Yes,'' Alya answered. ''This is the real Wilbur from the book, 'Charlotte's Web.''

              ''Isn't he just the cutest,'' Lena cheered.

             ''When he isn't eating everything in sight, he is,'' Alya says, putting him down. ''Remember when the barriers went down and he got into the Classics collection. He started to graze on 'A Day No Pigs Would Die.' We lost ten chapters of that book.''

               ''Barriers,'' Kaldur asked. ''What barriers are you talking about, my friends?''

               ''Each section had a magic protection barrier around each door,'' Juliet explained. ''Not only does it keep certain things from coming in, it also keeps the beings of each section from getting out. The sections are meant to be separate. If those barriers come down again, it will issue mass chaos. The last time it happened, Wilbur was in Classics, the Wicked Witch in Graphic Novels, Frankenstein in Fantasy. All of literature was down for an entire day.''

              ''So that was the reason why every book in the world suddenly had no words in them, then suddenly came back after a day,'' Dick figured out.

             ''What have we been saying since you guys met us,'' Lena says. ''Without magic, the world falls out of harmony. Gess, it's like talking to someone with short term memory loss.''

              ''I'll get Dory and find out if it's true,'' Alya joked.

              ''Don't even,'' Juliet growled. ''That fish drives me crazy. I love her, and all, but she gives me a headache.''

               ''You people confuse me,'' Dick says. ''But that's nothing new.''

               Alya suddenly shot her head, looking in one direction. He animal hearing had picked up an incoming threat.

              ''INCOMING,'' she screamed.

              Everyone scattered as red lightning blasted the ground where they once stood. A flock of geese, terrified, all ran off.

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